chapter 15

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                             Ethan's POV:

As I wake up I have Brooklynn in my arms,the thought of last night we shared our first together ,as i look down at Brooklynn I smile I have to take her out on a date but it's going to be a surprise so I'm not going to say anything.

Brooklynn 's POV:

As I wake up i don't feel Ethan in the bed next to me but I smell something amazing

As I walk down stairs the smell gets more intense

As I get down I see that Ethan is making breakfast "good morning princess"Ethan says "good morning eth"I say as I feel my face heat up"I see you have a nick name for me"Ethan says as he gives me a smirk " I won't call you eth it if you don't want me to "I say as I feel my face get more red from embarrassment "no,no it's okay I like that nick name"he says very quick I laugh at his reaction

After the amazing breakfast Ethan says that I have to get ready at 8:00 so we can go do business which I don't know why I have to go?

When it was 7:30 I decided to get ready for 'business'
I just put on light wash skinny jeans a v neck t shirt and my black converse

As me and Ethan get in the car we have a 30 minute ride to the 'business' as I fell asleep in the car ride

Few minutes later I felt some one shaking me, I wake up and see that we are in front of a restaurant I look at Ethan shock "Ethan I thought we were doing 'business' not going to eat " i say "we it's actually a date" he says with a nervous voice "aww I would love to go on a date with you"I say"YES" he yells out as I start to laugh he thens turns starts to blush a deep red

As we finish eating we went home and just relaxed and watched a movie as I was about to fall asleep I feel that Ethan placed a kiss on the top of my forehead as I drift of to sleep
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