Chapter 17

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Edward's P.O.V.

"Carlisle! Carlisle!!" I scream while Jake and I cover Bella's bloody wounds.

It was Jake's idea to do that. To hopefully stop the bleeding. I was hesitant but I'd try anything to keep Bella alive.

Carlisle ran over and sat at my side, over Bella.

"Carlisle! Can venom save her!?" I yell in a panicky way.

Carlisle looks at the gashes in her skin and sees her uneven breathing.

"I don't know. Because of her condition, she might not live through the transformation." He answers trying to keep me calm.

It doesn't work.

"Well we have to try! We can't just leave her to die here!!"

"Edward, trying can be putting her life at risk." He tried to reason with me.

"Please. I can't live without her."

Carlisle nods and I get close to Bella. I stare at her silent, still body and turn away from her. I look at Jacob.

"I can't." I say putting my head between my knees. "What if she dies because of me?"

Jake puts his hand on my shoulder.

"You can't blame yourself for trying." Jacob answers. I nod a thank you and turn back to Bella.

"You'll be okay." I whisper in her ear. I slowly move her hair back. I then bite her neck.

Bella's P.O.V.

I looked at my mom.

"Mom look at me draw!" My six year old self said.

She sat next to me and watched at me grab a bunch of markers.

"What is it!?" She asked in the type of way someone talks to a baby.

I looked up and smiled, showing her my uneven set of teeth that I showed off way too much.

"Guess!!" I yelled.

I stopped coloring and moved out of the way. It was a masterpiece! Or at least to my young, inexperienced eyes.

"A monkey?" My mom guessed.

I giggled. "Mama! Its obvious!!!"

She smiled and thought harder.

"I give up, what is it!?" My smiled grew.

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