Chapter 8

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I walked outside. I needed fresh air after yesterday. I saw Edward leaning on his car with a grin on his face.

I walked over trying my not to fall, trip, or accidentally kill myself.

"Good morning." Edward said smiling, his teeth shining in the sun glare.

"Hi." I said out of breath from trying to walk over perfectly.

I threw myself over to where Edward was leaning on the car. My legs hurt and I needed something to keep me upright.

I twisted my legs and fell onto the car and then of course, the ground. I winced in pain.

Edward looked down at me still smiling.

"Miss the car?" Edward asked between laughter.

I glared at him. "Oh be quiet!" I said holding onto the car mirror so I can get up.

Edward stared at me. No emotion. Just staring.

I looked back at him and blushed. "What!?"

"I don't get how you always fall. Its interesting to watch." He said.

"Well thanks for the sympathy, pal!" I said.

Edward continued as if I never spoke.

"I mean, you fainted yesterday from laughing!! And then you fail leaning on a car! I don't get you!" Edward laughed.

"How did you know about yesterday?" I asked him completely ignoring the other comments.

"Jacob and I had a bet. I said that within the time you and him hung out, you'd fall, trip, or do anything along those lines."

I gasped. I knew I was clumsy but to put money on it!

"How much did you win?" I asked in a small voice.

"20 dollars. I even taxed him!" Edward said cracking up at the end. "That guy is not smart with his money!"

I gave him the evil eye. Taxing my Jacob just to get a good laugh.

"Come on Bella. Isn't it a little funny?" He asked smiling.

"Yeah I guess."

We stood there talking for a while. Most of the talk was about how I should learn how to walk and theories about my inability to balance.

After a while, we went inside. I was getting hungry and he offered to make something.

I sat down at the kitchen table and he started making me pasta.

"How can you cook?" I asked completely taken by surprise.

"You know that I was human for 17 years right?" Edward asked.

"Yeah but that was so long ago. Back when there was only cheese pizza and no pepperoni!" I whined.

He laughed. "Yeah but when you have nothing to do for a hundred years, you're kinda desperate to do something." He answered getting out the ingredients.

"So you learned how to cook?" I asked resting my head in my hands.

"Yeah, with help from Esme. I saw her looking through a cook book and she said that if she had a human family, she'd cook every night. So we cooked together and sold it so it wouldn't go to waste."

I smiled. I love Esme.

"She can cook for me one day?" I suggested.

"That would be nice. A taste-tester and a someone to give the food to." Edward agreed.

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