Chapter 9

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Jacob knocked on my door. I threw my brush onto my bed and ran downstairs. I then opened the door, swaying back and forth like I'm going to fall.

"Hello!" I say in a awkward funny way.

Jacob laughs watching me holding onto the doorknob swaying.

"Bella be careful. We don't want another fainting accident to happen."

I groan and roll my eyes. "What!? Are you going to remind me of that the rest of my life!?" I ask punching him in his rock muscles.

I shake out the pain in my knuckles but continue the conversation.

"So do you want to come in?" I asked a little dizzy.

Jacob walked in and kissed me on the cheek. Good thing I was still holding onto the doorknob or him and Edward would have even more to talk about.

I loved how they were becoming friends. Because of me vampires and werewolves are becoming closer!

We sat at the kitchen table. We were silent. I could tell that the silence was killing both of us.

Jake finally spoke.

"Bella, is Edward coming over?" I could see it wasn't a question he wanted to ask but he was trying to break the ice.

I cleared my throat.

"Uh no. He came by earlier to pick up clothes for Alice," I paused then got an evil smile on my face, "Why? Did you want him to come over?"

Jake laughed avoiding my look of surprise.

"What!? No!" Jacob answers non-convincing.

I get a big smile.

"Ohh!!! Somebody has a crush!" I laugh taunting him.

He chuckles. He really set himself up for this.

"I don't have a crush on him. I just think that he's nice and I like talking to him." Jacob says trying to defend himself.

I try to hold back my laughter but fail.

"Ohhhh!! Bromance!!! Are you two going to brunch together?" I ask rolling around on the kitchen floor.

Jacob looks offended but trying not to laugh along.

"Do you want me to call him because you're too shy!?" I continue teasing him.

Jacob smiles but shakes his head.

"Okay, okay. I think that's enough." Jake says calming me down.

I brush a tear off my face and get off the ground. He starts acting like nothing happened.

"So did Edward come over last night?" He asked changing the subject.

I dropped one of my metal bracelets that I was fooling around with in my hand. I looked at him shocked.

I forgot about last night. The dinner, the dance, the.......kiss. I should tell him right? No way!

It will just get him upset and the kiss meant nothing. Like Edward said, Jacob and I have been together for about 3 months. So does one little kiss really matter?

I sigh. Yes, I guess it does. I run it over in my mind. Jake I'm so sorry Edward and I kissed but it was my fault. I didn't mean it. I thought to myself.

There was no way that Jacob would smile and high five me about this. Why can't I face the facts that I'm in a relationship with ONE person.

"Jake. I'm sorry." I start.

He stares at me. I bet he knows what's coming, why wouldn't he?

I continue. "Edward and I kissed." I paused not daring to look at his face. "But it was my fault. I asked him to dance and told him that one second with him won't matter because of my 3 months with you."

I heard a slam and looked up surprised and scared. I then saw the front door close. Stupid Bella!! I tell myself.

After an hour of cursing and bullying myself I call Jake. It goes straight to voicemail. I leave a message.

Hey Jacob. I bet you can guess who it is. I'm really truly sorry. Just please, please don't hurt Edward. Don't blame him for my idiocy. I love you. Call me so we can talk it out.

I hang up. Now what do I do? I can't hang out with my boyfriend and I can't hang out with Edward. If Jake saw me with him then we'd be done for sure!

I guess karma caught up to me. Great. Just when my relationship was getting serious.

I hate hurting Jake. Whenever I need to tell him something bad or sad or whatever, I always picture him as a puppy. No one wants to make a puppy sad!!

I grab the ice cream from freezer and go upstairs. I change into baggy Hetalia pajamas and grab my polar bear blanket.

Then I go back downstairs and put on Titanic. When it's finally over I start crying a waterfall.

"Its so sad!" I scream in between sobs. "How she dies as an old lady and reunites with him and everyone else in heaven!"

That part always get me. I grab my Kleenex tissues and wipe my tears. Next I grab the ice cream scooper and toss a giant scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream into my mouth.

So cold but so good. I think. Why can't life by as good as this ice cream. I start to cry again.

"Why can't we be like Jack and Rose!" I scream as I start throwing my used tissues at the TV.

Then I hear my text message ringtone, "You got it dude," Michelle, Full House. I read the text.

My eyes were blurry from tears but I read through the pain. It was Jacob.

Bella I'm sorry. We are done.

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