Chapter 12

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1 month after break up

I've been doing good. I am still ignoring Edward's calls and I keep trying to get in touch with Jacob.

Both of the people I love most in the world are gone. I used to have everything and now I have nothing.

I scroll through Edward's texts and one is quite surprising to me.

Bella. I'm sorry. I know our garden was special. Its special to me too. I hate that you're ignoring me. I want to hang out and I want you to meet her.

I have no comment.

Of course I want to meet her. I want to face this bitch! I want her to know her place in his life!

I am not letting her get in the way of my friendship with her "boyfriend". The text was sent earlier this morning.

I texted back.

B: How can I trust you?

E: Idk. If you feel you should then you will

B: She doesn't want to meet me

E: No Bella, she does want to meet you. Please just forgive me.

B: Idk.....

E: Plz. I miss you

B: Fine.

E: Meet us at the Seattle movie theater. In half an hour

B: What movie are we seeing

E: The Choice. That's what Cassie wants to see

I guess that movie was okay. I was never the "Chick Flick" type.

I go up to my room. I am nervous. What if she is stunningly beautiful. What if she is a model.

I try to pick out something nice but nothing seems good enough. I finally settle on a black and white stripped baseball shirt and leggings.

I look in the mirror. Okay for the movies I guess. Its going to be dark anyway.

*At the movie theater*

I got out of my truck and walked in the theater. I had no idea where either of them were.

I stay by the door, leaning against a purple pole. Why did he have to move on? Why am I such an idiot? I'd rather not answer any of those questions.

I look around until I spot Edward. I walk over. All I see is his head looking down. I walk closer.

As soon as he's in view I stop in my place.

THEY WERE KISSING! No, not kissing, making out! The sight of it resembled to a hit in the gut.

They finally finish and look over. Obviously the terror on my face was visible because he left that thing and walked over to me.

"How much did you see?" Edward asked with his hand on my shoulder.

"Enough to know that she doesn't want you as her boyfriend, she wants to swallow you!!" I yelled.

Edward chuckled.

"She's not going to swallow me. Now come meet her." Edward said motioning me into his arms and then to her.

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