Chapter 14

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Edward's P.O.V.

The memory of Bella and Mike keeps playing in my head. Out of all the people!

I start pacing around my room. I hate Mike. Why Bella, why? I can't believe her! Does she really hate me?

I start to think. Of course she hates me. I yelled at her and pushed her out. But its half her fault too! She can't accept change!!

I'll make her pay. I call Cassie into my room. She runs in immediately.

"Hey Edward." She says in a normal way, not high pitched at all.

"Do you like Bella?" I ask. I wanted to see if they could become friends. 2 of my favorite people in the world in my life forever.

Her expression was debatable. Her face changed from a smile to cringing. Obviously she had some thoughts about my friend.

"Do you like her?" Cassie asked. I guess she couldn't think of an answer.

This frustrated me. Does she like Bella? If I was asking Bella, she would tell me the truth.

"Yeah!" I answer.

Her face changes. Okay! She doesn't like Bella. Can she make it more obvious! I say to myself sarcastically.

"Then I guess I like her." Her voice is dull but she squeezed in high pitched voice at the end.

She's lying to me. Why does she have to lie! I hate liars! This generation is built on lies!!

"Cassie, you're lying." I say.

"What do you mean?"

"What's so bad about Bella!!?" I ask.

"She's boring and not interested in anything!" She says.

"Looks like you two have something in common!" I say.

Literally Cassie does nothing all day. At least my family tries to find stuff to do! She just sits around like she's already dead!

"I also hate how you always side with her!"

"I do not!"

"I hate Bella's style!"

"Hey! Bella just likes being comfy!"

She laughs then turns serious.

"See what I mean? You can't let one insult slide!"

She grabs her stuff and leaves. I guess we are over then.

Bella's P.O.V.

Mike stares at me.

"So you don't really like me?" He asks. He looks offended. I feel so bad. He's liked me forever and I took advantage of that.

"No I do like you. Just not that way." I say. I put my hand on his shoulder than hug him.

"Is it because you and Cullen are getting back together?"

Ugh. I knew this would come up.

"Ew. No!! I hate him. That's why I was using you. I was trying to make him jealous!" I say defending myself.

Mike smiles. "Because you like him!"

I gasp. But don't say anything. Jake then walks. Thank god!

He sits down at my kitchen table with us.

"What's wrong Jake?" I ask.

He looked worried, concerned, and scared.

"The pack and I are going out of town." Jake starts.

I look at Mike. He looks very confused.

"Mike can you please step out of the room for a minute?" I ask.

He leaves without question. He probably knows he won't understand even if he tries.

"Why and how long?" I ask.

"About a week maybe longer. We sense a threat that has to be stopped. Right now by the Canadian border." Jake says.

I know these situations all too well. Vampire threat. But who? And who are they after?

"Bella you have to be safe. They're making they're way here."

"When are you leaving?" I ask.

I'm on the edge of tears. I can't loose him.

"2 hours. But that's just to prepare. You know, bring supplies. We are leaving Forks tomorrow morning."

This was very serious. I knew this was a threat to me. And so did Jacob, though he doesn't want to admit it.

"Jacob. Be safe and please try come home. I can't loose you too." I say.

Jacob takes my hand and places it in his.

"I'll always come back. Don't ever think I won't." He hugs me then leaves.

Mike walks back in.

"What was that about?" He asks.

"Nothing." I say wiping back my tears. We return to our conversation.

No matter how much I try to forget, I know that something is coming. And whether or not it will get me? I'm not sure.

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