Chapter 13

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1 month after break up, 1 day after movie crisis

I haven't heard from Jake in forever. I mean, I know he's upset but seriously!

I'm tired of the silent treatment. He can't be mad at me forever right?

I call his number. Humming lightly, I suddenly hear an answer.

B: Oh Jake! Thank you so much for answering. I've missed you.

It took a while for him to reply, but he didn't, someone else did.


P: I'm sorry hun, but you have the wrong number.

B: I don't think I do. You see, my best friend has had this number for as long as I can remember.

P: Okay. Well, what if he changed his number?

I couldn't answer. Would he do that? Go through all that trouble just to get away from me?

B: I have to go. Thank you.

I can't believe that he would do that. I don't understand people these days.......they change.

I get into my truck. I'm not letting this one slide. I've had a painful month and I'm not letting it get any worse.

*Time Skip to Jake's Shed*

I get out of my truck, flames blaring inside of me. After yesterday, I feel like I'm prepared for anything and anyone.

I swing the door open into Jacob's shed. He jumps up and a very tired Jake looks at me for a minute, then widens his eyes in recognition.

"Why the hell did you change your number!" I say loudly.

Jake gets up. Gosh he's tall. I step back, regaining my strength and anger.

"I had to get away from you."

"Oh so I guess the silent treatment wasn't doing the job, was it?" I say sarcastically.

Jacob shakes his head. Obviously he didn't prepare himself for this conversation.

"I..thought you'd get the hint." He said slowly.

I guess he didn't want to provoke an outrage. I can't promise anything.

"That my best friend doesn't want anything to do with me!?"

He sat down. I continued standing. I was upset. All I want in the world is my best friend and if I can't have Edward then I should at least have him.

"I'm sorry Bells." Jacob said pulling me into his arms.

I started to cry. I missed I'm so much.

"I've been through a lot. You don't know what its like to be shut out." I say in between sobs.

I wanted to stay in his arms forever. I felt as if I left his arms, he'd leave me again.

"At least you had Edward."

Oh no. Why did he have to bring up him. I cried harder. I couldn't breathe. I hate Edward and I hate that thing (Bella will be referring to Cassie as thing in case you got confused).

"Edward met someone else. She's perfect, pretty, and super annoying! Yesterday they were making out in front of me and everyone in the movie theater!"

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