Chapter 4

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I heard a knock on the door and went to answer it.

"Uh, hi." I said in a scared way.

"Hi, are you okay Bella. You sound like you saw a ghost." Edward said.

No I'm just scared that you're going to kill me like in my dream. I said in my head. Thank god he can't read my mind.

"No I just had a bad dream." I said letting him in.

"Would you like to talk about it?" Edward asked.

I hate how much I love his politeness. I don't want to hurt his feelings! Yeah sure Edward, I had a dream that you let Jacob die and you killed me! I said sarcastically in my head.

Maybe I can tell him half........? No.

"I'd rather try not to remember." I said sitting at the kitchen table.

Edward followed me and sat down.

"So, why did you call? Did you want to talk or do something today?" Edward asked in the nicest way.

"Oh yeah, right now I want to talk." I said thinking about my dream.

I need to tell him. Its the right thing to do. I know he'd say he'd never do that and I believe him but still.

"Edward." I said slowly and in an unsure voice.

"Yes Bella."

"My nightmare. Y-y-you were in it." I looked at him. He looked confused.

"You killed me in my dream." I said slowly so he wouldn't get confused.

"I don't understand, why?"

"You said that you loved me and that I threw it all away. You said that I never loved you and that you'd never forgive me. And then you drank my blood....or at least I'd think you did. I don't know. I got out of the dream when your teeth went to my neck." I said trailing off toward the end.

I looked at Edward. He was in his cute thinking position. Then he finally talked.

"Bella. I don't know why you'd have such a dream like that. Yes, I was hurt but I'm over that. As long as you're happy, I am too." Edward smiled.

I smiled back. I liked the sappy ending to his words. I'm glad that him and I are still friends. I don't know what my life would be like without him.

He looked at me, our hands intertwined.

"So what do you want to do now?" I asked looking at the clock. It was 2:13 p.m. Since it was daylight savings time, it would soon get dark. Ugh, not much to do now.

"We can watch TV or go to my place." Edward said unlocking his fingers from my tight grip.

I smiled at the fact about going to his house. I haven't been there since the day of the break up.

I tried to play it cool. "I don't know." I said, my voice cracking. Apparently the cool thing didn't work out, obviously.

Edward chuckled. "Well then how about we do a little bit of both." Edward said holding my hand and guiding me to the couch.

I turned on the first thing I saw on TV: How I Met Your Mother. Although I've never seen the show, I ended up enjoying it.

We watched 2 full episodes of HIMYM before Edward finally suggested that we head to his house.

We walked outside and I locked the door as well as I could. I honestly couldn't wait to see everyone after such a long time.

I got into his Volvo. I smiled. I missed this car a lot. We had many of our first adventures in here.

Edward started the car and drove at his normal speed, 105 miles per hour. I wasn't used to the speed.

Before we broke up, I got used to how fast he went and sorta forgot about it but the fear came back to me.

"Whoa low down hot shot we're the only ones in the race!" I yelled at Edward over the sound of the tires screeching and the engine roaring.

Edward laughed. "Relax Bella. You've witnessed my speed before, did you really forget?" Edward asked a little upset about it.

"Kinda!" I said griping onto my seat belt and the chair.

Edward rolled his eyes and slowed down to 90 which he said was nonnegotiable.

I sat back in the chair finally relaxing. I closed my eyes. I was happy to get to see Esme again and her mother-like attitude toward everything.

I missed Carlisie's warm greetings, Alice's beauty and charisma, Jasper's smile, Emmett's wildness and surprisingly, Rosalie's glare.

Everything just felt like a bunch of puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. No missing shapes, no dents in the pieces, everything beautiful and unforgettable.

All of a sudden, I felt like my heart jumped out of my chest and my eyes shot open.

I looked at Edward's speed monitor on the car. It was at 130.

"What the hell!!" I screamed at Edward.

He slammed on the breaks. I slipped out of the car falling to the ground. He got out too and came over to where I was lying down on the gravel path.

"Comfy down there?" Edward asked obviously getting a good laugh out of this.

"That wasn't funny Edward!" I said dodging his hand to help me up but falling back down when my knees started to hurt.

He laughed even harder as he saw me do that. He was no on the ground, me sitting up with my arms crossed and my face in a displeased look.

He stared at him making himself stop laughing.

"Done yet?" I asked impatiently. Edward nodded and stood up. I used the car as support so we wouldn't waste more time.

Edward brushed all the dirt off my shirt and we started walking toward the house and up the stairs.

Edward rang the door bell and we stood waiting for a solid second.

"Hello Edward." Carlisie said letting him in and smiling.

I walked a step forward. Carlisie looked at me in shock and disbelief that I was here.

After a few seconds of sharing an awkward silence, he smiled and hugged me.

"Its nice to see you Bella." He said holding the door open for me.

"Its nice to see you too Carlisie." I smiled. I then walked into the house.

I looked around and smiled even bigger. It was just how I remembered.

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