Chapter 16

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I woke up on the floor. I looked around my room to see someone standing over me, feeling my head.

I jump up and run to the other side of my room trying to open up my window to jump out.

Like Sidney, in Scream, she jumps out the window to get away from Scream so she can live.

The figure comes toward me and only then do I realize that it was Edward.

He looks concerned and I immediately feel like an idiot. I just made a whole scene!

"Oh Edward! I'm so sorry I just.....I guess I had a bad dream."

My mind went to Cassie. She was here. She threatened me. She's going to kill me. No! Edward won't let that happen.

"Did you get sick last night?" He asked looking at the dry puke on my floor, all over my shirt and in my hair.

I nodded. I couldn't tell him about Cassie because she threatened Jacob. As long as he is safe, I am happy.

"I'm sorry about that. Now why don't you get into the shower and when you're done, come outside. I have a surprise for you."

I stare at him but follow his directions. I go into the bathroom and I take off my shirt. I see bruises on my side.

I touch it and flinch. Gosh that hurt!! I get into the shower, hoping that the hot water will help with the sting of my bruises, it didn't!

I cried in pain and turned the water cold. To my surprise, it numbed the pain a little.

For the rest of the shower, I endured the ice cold water until I was finally done.

I got out of the shower and the chill of the front door opening and closing immediately hit my, already, freezing skin.

I shiver and run to my room to change. I see clothes on my bed. A blue and gray baseball tee with leggings or a white Save Ferris tee.

I pick Ferris! That's one of my favorite movies and I forgot I had it.

I throw on random ankle high socks and my pink high top converse. As soon as both sneakers are on, I run downstairs, excited for the surprise.

Edward has always been great with surprises! Whether its a gift or news. I get outside and look around.

I see Edward smiling at me. Did I miss something? Where is that surprise! Edward puts his hand out and I hold his hand.

"Come with me."

He guides me into the greeny forest next to my house. I start tripping over sticks and holes as soon as we get of the trail.

After a minute of tripping and falling, Edward finally picks me up and puts me in his arms.

"I had to do that or else you wouldn't have lived to see the surprise." He said with a straight face and a dazzling smile.

"Ha ha very funny!" I say sarcastically while punching him on his chest.

We get to the spot where Edward first tells me he is a vampire. Like last time, there is a sun beam coming out through the branches.

Edward positions me ten feet away from the beam. He releases his hand from our grasp and stands with a camera. He walks to the middle, between the sun and I, then makes his way to the side.

I tilt my head in confusion.

"Just close your eyes." Edward says soothingly.

I obediently close my eyes. I want to find out what this surprise is. I hear footsteps and get shaky.

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