Naruto's Returned..

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OKAY! So, Bla bla bla! The month has passed, Hinata's little friend Haruhi has already left! And Naruto returns today.... YAY! Okay, Okay!


Hinata's P.O.V

"Im glad your not depressed anymore"

"Me too... I really did enjoy the time that Haruhi spent with me"I smiled

"Yeah"Kiba grinned "Dude! Doesnt it feel awesome today?"

I closed my eyes as another breeze shifted in the hair, Blowing my short hair behind my ears as I listened to leafs off of tree's dance onlong with the breeze.

"Yes"I finally answered "It feels really good outside today"

"Its not too cold today... I can actually wear a t-shirt instead of two jackets"He laughed

"Yeah... Its warmed up a bit, But. The weather changes weirdly.. And quickly. Today it'll be nice. Tomorrow, We'll freeze our buns off" I said

Me and Kiba gave each other a look.. As we busted out in laughter.

"I couldnt hold it much longer!"He laughed

"I know... We couldnt be serious together if our lives depended on it!"I giggled with him

"Hey.... Is that...?"Kiba muttered looking past me.


Fear rushed over me as my heart raced quickly, Reading Kiba's face expressions.

"It is!"Kiba said

Oh god. Oh god. Oh god.

"Its Naruto.."Kiba said

I didnt want to turn and look at him, I didnt want to see his face or hear his voice, But its like something sparked inside me as my entire body turned, To see him.

Why!? I DIDNT WANT YOU TO MOVE, BODY. STOP MOVING ON YOUR OWN! GAAHH! I couldnt breathe as Naruto walked through the front yard.

"Hinata..."He said quietly as he walked into hearing range.

I didnt answer though. I watched quietly as he tossed his bag on the ground and started to run to me. My body tensed up from where I stood as he got closer.

"Hinata!"He repeated with a smile as he opened his arms for me to embrace them. Instead, I looked towards the ground... Since thats the only thing I could do, I couldnt move.

"Whats wrong... I dont.. Understand"He said as his arms dropped to his sides.

I still didnt answer him, Looking towards the ground as Kiba sighed.

"She doesnt want to talk to you.."He muttered while walking past me and Naruto.

"That isnt true"Naruto said after Kiba, Then he turned his head to me. "That isnt true, Right?"

Finally, I looked up at him. His eyes burned into mine, Though. No matter how warm and loving they were. Mine were cold as ice.

"Woah Hinata.. You look rough... Doesnt matter. Your still pretty"He smiled as he reached his hand up to brush his finguertips along my face, But I slapped it away.

"Wanna know why I look 'rough'?"I hissed "I look 'rough'! Because Ive cried my self to sleep for an entire month!"

"What? I dont understand-" He tried to say, But I cut him off.

"Your right! YOU DONT, Understand. You dont understand how I felt while reading that note. You dont you understand how lonely I was sleeping.. ALONE. You dont understand how miserable I was, Not knowing if you were coming back or not... Not knowing if it was just a lie... An excuse to get away from me!"I yelled

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