Nilah Uzumaki.

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Hinata's P.O.V

I opened my eyes, And I was full of pain. I sat up in my bed, Looking around the room. Where was I? What was happening? Then, Lady Tsunade walked through the door, And she smiled.

"Well.. Finally awake, Mm?"She asked

I nodded.

"How are you feeling?"She wondered

"Im a little sore.. And in pain... What happened?"I asked

"Oh. You went into labor, Hinata"She said

"What?"I gaped

"Yes. We had to do a seasection though, But everything went well. You had a beautiful baby girl.... And she's with Naruto right now... Would you like to see her?"She asked

I slightly nodded. As she walked to the door, And yelled Naruto's name. I was so overwhelmed and confused. I couldnt remember anything. I looked back at the door to see Naruto walking in, Whispering to something wrapped in a blanket.

"Hinata"He sighed with relief as he walked up to my side.

"Shh"He said to me as he handed me the blanket. I took ahold of it as I pulled it down into my arms, As I tightened my grip. I looked down and found a beautiful baby staring at me.

"Shes..."I whispered but my voice faded away to speechless-ness. I was so overwhelmed that I was holding my daughter... My baby girl.

"I know"Naruto smiled "Amazing...Isnt it?"

She batted her long black eyelashes three times, As her blue eyes sparkled like gems. She smiled as flashed milky white teeth. Then, I found my voice.

"Lady Tsunade..."I said quietly "She's a new born....She shouldnt have teeth"

"I know Hinata...-"She tried to say

"Now that I notice..... She's alot bigger then a newborn"I gaped at the baby.

"She grows.... Incrediy fast Hinata, And another thing..-"She tried to say.

I sighed while listening to her.

"Its a bit stuffy in here.."I mentioned as I pulled the blanket off her, And by my suprise. Light purple ears perked up. I stared at them.

"Are these...!?"I freaked while raising my hands.

"Hinata, Wait.. Listen-"Naruto tried to say

Then, I wrapped my finguers from each hand around each ear and felt them. I squeezed them a bit and my mouth felt open.

"She... Has...... Fox ears!?"I asked

"Yes"Lady Tsunade sighed

"She also has a tail..."Naruto explained.

"WHAT?"I gasped.

"HINATA! Listen, When Nilah gets nervous, Scared, Sad, Or if she feels as if she's being attacked.. Her ears and tail appear"Lady Tsunade explained

"Well... Why are her ears showing now?"I asked

"Because, Shes probably nervous... Since this is the first time meeting you"Lady Tsunade shrugged.

"Oh.."I quietly said as I looked back at her.

"And, I do believe she posses's powers"She muttered

"Powers?"I repeated

"Yes, But. Im not quite sure.. We'll have to wait and see when she gets older"She said

"Well... You said she was growing... Quickly?"I asked

"Yes. She grows very fast. She's smart aswell. Infact... I think she'll be talking in about a week or so.. "She said

"Thats..Incredible"I said quietly

"Indeed, And. I have a present for her"She said

Nilah looked over at Lady Tsunade as she raised up in my lap. I watched her closely. She moved as if she was three years old. But, She was just a few hours old. Lady Tsunade walked over and handed Nilah something. Nilah smiled at Lady Tsunade as she studied the little object, Between her small finguers. I looked aswell, Seeing a beautiful silver band. With a pretty dark purple gem. It was a ring, Though I dont know what it was for.

"Nilah, This is a special ring for you"Lady Tsunade explained to her. Nilah listened carefully and payed attention.

"Even if your scared........ Nervous..... Afraid, Or sad. If your wearing this ring.... Your ears and tail wont appear"She smiled at her.

Nilah's eyes widened as she looked back at the ring and gazed at it.

"Its a bit too big for you right now... But, Once you get a bit bigger.. Which wont take long at all.... You'll be able to wear it. Okay?"She asked

Nilah nodded and flashed her pretty smile. While handing the ring back to Lafy Tsunade. She took it back and placed it into a small black box and handed it Naruto. Naruto nodded and slid it into his pocket. Nilah's eyes were wide as she gazed at Naruto.

"Ill take good care of it, Nilah"He assured her.

She nodded with a quiet sigh. As she layed her head against my chest.

"She's tired"Naruto said

"She is"Lady Tsunade agreed "I think..... I should give Hinata some pain medicine.. Then send you three home. Im sure you would like to go home.. Right?"

"Yes"I sighed

"Okay..... Let me get that for you then"She said while exiting the room. I looked over at Narutp while reaching my hand out for his. He took it while kissing my index finguer.

"Im so glad your okay.."He quietly said

"I know.. I was terrified"I admitted

"But, Everythings okay now, And Nilah is here with us"Naruto smiled

"Yeah"I agreed as I glanced down at Nilah, Who was drifting off into heavy sleep. Poor thing.... So tired. I wrapped my arms around her and snuggled her close to me.

"I could definetly get use to this"I whispered with a smile.

My precious baby.

My precious little Nilah Uzumaki. x

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