Honeymoon!? Uh oh baby.. Time to do the do!

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Ehehm, Sorry about last chapter folks! :D I was being a bit silly -.- Well er...




This chapter contains 'Do the do' scenes... A.K.A Sex scenes. -___-

Some parents might find this chapter not sutiubal for children. (: So kids.... WAIT TILL YOUR PARENTS GO TO BED TO READ. =D Muwahahaha.... Anyways... On with the story. -_-"


Hinata's P.O.V

Me and Naruto layed in bed, Exhausted from the dinner party we had earlier. Naruto yawned while kicking his shoes on the floor.

"Man! Im so tired from dancing.."He yawned again

"Yeah..."I muttered

I thought about what Temari had told me.. I wonder if Naruto knows about the.... 'Do'.

"Naruto... Is this our honey moon?"I wondered

"I dunno... I guess"He said

"Uhh.."I muttered "So... Are we suppose to have sex?"

"Whaaaaa?"Naruto gasped while falling off the bed

"Naruto?"I asked while leaning over and saw him rubbing his head and pouting, Yet his eyes were wide.

"Ow....Anyways. What did you say Hinata?!"Naruto freaked

I tilted my head while thinking.. Jeez... We fall off the bed alot on that exact same side.

"HINATA!"Naruto repeated

"Hmm? Oh... Well. Uhm, Thats what married people do... Right?"I asked

"I guess..."He muttered while climbing back on the bed. I moved out of his way while sighing.

"Forget it.. Nevermind"I told him while rolling over to my side and closing my eyes

A few moments of silence passed. Then, I felt Naruto move closer to me.

"Do you want to..?"Naruto whisperd gently

I turned my head to look at him, His eyes were full with curiousness.

"I dunno... Do you want to?"I asked quietly

"I dunno"He quickly answered

Me and Naruto stared into each others eyes for the longest time. I think we both were too terrified to even breath. Temari said do what ever feels right... Well. I felt like kissing Naruto..... I sloely leaned towards Naruto, Brushing my lips against his, As we continued to carry on our eye contact. I leaned away and slightly smiled. Yeah... That felt right. Me and Naruto didnt break eye contact though. Naruto moved closer to me while gently pushing me onto my back as he leaned over and kissed me. Yet again. We kept starring each other in the eyes. He leaned up and started to unbutton his shirt slowly.

My hands moved up. I dont know why they were moving! I didnt make them move... Though. I didnt care, As I continued to stare Naruto down. I unbuttoned Narutos bottom buttons, Making my way up, As he made his way down. Our hands met. As he placed his hands on each side of me on the bed. I brushed my finguertips along his chest. For so long... I wanted to touch him like this.... For so long..


Naruto's P.O.V

I watched her closely as she tilted her head while brushing her finguer tips along my bare chest, Which sent chills down my spine. Finally, Her eyes met mine again.

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