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Baby talk.

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Hinata's P.O.V

I couldnt stop smiling.

Naruto brushed his finguertips along my thigh as we layed there smiling at each other like creeps. I giggled at the thought.

"There go's the random giggles.."Naruto sighed

"Sorry"I giggled

"So your not mad anymore?"He wondered

"I was mad at first, But. I missed you more then I was mad at"I said

"Im sorry that I didnt talk to you about it.."He frowned

"Its okay.. Just promise you'll talk to me about it next time?"I asked

"I promise"He smiled

"Did you enjoy your trip?"I asked

"It was okay....... I didnt enjoy the walking"He frowned

"I bet"I giggled

"So you were for real depressed?"He asked

"For real, For real"I sighed

"Im sorry"He said

"Its okay"I assured him '' Im over it "

"Okay" he said "Crap...."

"What?"I wondered

"I gotta get the reports of that mission back to Lady Tsunade today... I asked Pervy-sensai to do it.. He said he was busy though.... Probably perving on young girls"Naruto sighed

"Thats gross"I laughed

"Psht. Your telling me!? I tell him that everyday! He doesnt listen though..''He said

"Naruto, Do you remember my friend, Haruhi?"I asked

"Yeah... Didnt she come to the acedemy that one year when we all were like, Nine?"He asked

"Yeah! Well, She visited me a couple of weeks ago"I smiled

"Really? Thats good. Did you two have fun?"He asked

"Yes. Though she told me some news.."I said

"Like what?"He asked

"She says she's pregnant"I said

"Pregnant? At her age? Jeez... Thats a nightmare"Naruto shivered

"I dont think it would be that bad..."I said

"Are you kidding? Babies are always crying, and screaming, and always hungry, And always needing a diaper change.. And always needing attention.."He huffed

"So? Thats what babies do.... But their SO cute... Could you picture me and you having a baby?"I asked

"Not right now, At our age.... But, Ofcourse... Down along the road. Why?"He wondered

"I dunno' Just a thought.."I grinned

"Dont get any fun idea's little miss priss.."He warned

"Pft, And what if I do..?"I asked

"I........Dont know.."He laughed

"Well. We'll figuer it out"I smiled "You better get those papers to Lady Tsunade.."

"Right"He sighed as he slid out of bed and started to get dressed, I blushed, Getting a glimpse of his naked body before he slid his boxers on.

"Want to come with?"He asked hopeful

I layed there thinking it over, As I looked up and noticed Naruto staring at my body again, He caught my gaze and he smiled sheeply.

"Sorry, Hinata"He chuckled as he zipped his pants up, Reaching down to the floor for his shirt.

I got up from bed, While walking over to him and kissing his lips gently.

"Ofcourse Ill go"I smiled while turning to our dresser and searching for clothes. After I found some, I slipped them on as I took Naruto's, Offering hand that reached for me as we walked out of the bedroom, Down the hall.

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