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Hinata's P.O.V

I sat on the bed quietly. Already dressed for bed.. Reading a book. I sighed while closing the book and setting it on the nightstand. The sun was going down... And Naruto wasnt here yet. I sighed again.. I missed him. I moved closer to Naruto's side of the bed. It was filled with Naruto's scent. I smiled while cuddling to the covers.


I rolled off Naruto's side, Onto the floor. Naruto screamed from downstairs.. And it startled me.

"Ow"I whisperd as Naruto ran through the door.

"Hinata! What are you doing on the floor?"Naruto asked

"Oh.. Nothing.."I said while standing up. "Whats up?"

"Nothing.. Guess what!"Naruto smiled

"What?"I wondered

Naruto swung his arms around me and pulled me close, Crushing me into a hug.

"Naruto-kun?"I wondered

"I missed you!"He smiled

I smiled too, His scent was even stronger now..Ofcourse. And he smelled sooooooo good!

"I missed you too, Naruto"I told him

"Sorry for staying out so late...I had some ramen with pervy-sensai"Naruto chuckled while letting me go.

"Thats alright"I told him

"How was your day with the girls?"Naruto asked as kicked his shoes off by the door.

"Good"I smiled "How was your day?"

"Great!"He said

"Well thats good"I told him while crawling on the bed

"Yeah.. Well, Im going to go take a shower before bed"Naruto said while pulling some clothes out of his drawer

"Okay... Ill be reading"I told him while picking my book back up

"Alright"Naruto smiled while walking into the bathroom and closing the door.

I opened my book and tried to concentrate on reading. But, Once Naruto's water turned on... I kept looking at the bathroom door. I tilted my head while listening to the water. Then.... I started to picture Naruto...........Naked.

I gasped while slapping my forhead with my palm. Dont do that Hinata! Stop, Stop, Stop! That isnt right! Ahhh! The water turned off and I turned my head back to the door.


My eyes widend as I blushed while sliding off the bed and tippie toeing to the door. I pressed my ear against the door.

"Naruto..?"I asked

"Uhm...There arnt any towels in here... Can you get me one please?"He asked

"Yes. One secound"I told him while running out of the room, I ran down the hall to a extra bathroom And grabbed a towel, Then ran back to bathroom door in our room.

"Alright... I have it.."I muttered

"Uhm... Can you hand it to me...?"He asked

My stomach filled with butterflies as I easily turned the door's knob. I gulped while entering the bathroom. Naruto reached his arm out around the curtain, Hiding the rest of his body. Naruto's arm was dripping with water. I stood still.

"Hinata?"Naruto asked while popping his head out in veiwing site. His hair was wet, And water dripped off his cheecks. Something inside me, Sparked and my face turned completely red.