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Pen Your Pride

Naruto, You have to marry my daughter.

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Naruto's P.O.V.

"What do you want?" He asked

I stared at Hinata's father nervously. My palms started to sweat, And his evil stare made me a little anxious. I wanted to stand up from my seat, and run the heck out of there. But, I know what I saw. I have to tell him...Don't I? Yeah.. I do.. I sighed

"I'm sorry sir, But I have to tell you something.." I muttered

"Spit it out boy! I have far more important things to do then small talk with you!" He hissed

I gulped. Jeez. Hinata's father was super scary..I had heard rumors...But, I didn't expect this much scariness. I shook my head erasing the thought and sighed again.

"Sir. I was on a mission with your daughter and a few other members from the academy, And by accident I saw your daughter...Well....Ugh....Naked" I said while looking down to the floor.

He was quiet for a few moments. I glanced up at him and his face was ashamed and confused.

"HINATA!" He yelled.

I jumped in my seat, Then got nervous again. Hinata-chan was coming down here?! Oh no! Me and Hinata's father stared at each other as we heard footsteps quickly coming down the stairs, then into the living room. I glanced over and Hinata's face was blushed as she walked in, See'ing me here at her house.

"Yes Father?" She asked

"Sit down..." He murmured, She did as she was told, She sat down next to her father, Her face confused and worried.

"This boy..." He said while looking over at me.

"Uhm, Naruto.." I reminded him

"Right...Naruto..This boy Naruto says he saw you....Undressed" He sighed

"U-U-Undressed?!" She gasped her face turning red

"Yes Hinata-chan! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! It was by accident!" I panicked

"Calm down boy! Act like a man!" Her father hissed at me

A man!? I was only thirteen and a half! I was far from being a man! I guess I could act like one though..I calmed myself, Taking a breath then sitting still listening to Hinata's father.

"Now.......Hinata as you know......It is forbidden for any girl in the Hyuga family to show her self undressed to anyone that isn't her husband.." He told her

"I know father.." She said quietly

"Even though that this was an accident, We have a reputation to remain, If word gets out about this little incident....Our family will lose its honor.." He said

"Um...Sir...What exactly are you trying to say here?" I asked confused

"I'm saying...That you and my daughter, Hinata, Will have to get married.." He sighed

"Married?!" I gasped

"M-Married?!" Hinata gasped

"Yes. You two brought this upon yourselves...Now you must face the consequences.." He told us

"B-But.." Hinata stuttered

"But Sir..!" I muttered

"No buts you two! Even though you two are a bit too young for marriage....We will postpone the marriage for a little while, But until then you two will move in together and you two will start living as if you were already married, Already like a married couple" He said

"Father..I.." Hinata said almost as if she was whispering

"Hinata! Thats enough, You and Naruto will not be able to talk yourselves out of this..Don't even try" He warned. Hinata sighed while pressing her lips together and keeping quiet.

"But sir, My apartment...Its far too small for another person to be living with me. So, Its probably best if Hinata just continues living here" I said

"Ive already thought about that..Your right. Its far too small for two people...That's why Ive already have a house for you and Hinata" He said

"A house?!" I asked surprised

"Of course. My daughter deserves the best" He said

"Where's the house, Father?" Hinata asked

"A couple of miles away from here....Its far from the main village, Ide made sure you two would have your privacy" He assured us.

Me and Hinata gave each other a quick glance and blushed while looking away from each other. I slightly smiled.

"And. I'm sure you two will like it" He said

"Father..But, Didn't you just find out about all of this? How did you already know to have all these plans ready?"Hinata asked

"Well. Two other people know about this. The boy named Kiba on your team Hinata, He said he saw Naruto, See you naked. He kept quiet until you all finished your mission, Then he reported it to Lady Tsunade who reported it to me. Kiba promises to keep his mouth shut, So. Only us five know about it" He said

"But, Wouldn't that mean Kiba saw her naked too?" I asked

"No, He said he heard you say 'Is that Hinata-chan? And...Is she naked?!' then he said you ran off.." He told me

"Oh..." I muttered

"Well...What will people say once me and Naruto-kun are married..?" Hinata asked shyly, Blushing once she said 'married'

"I don't know.." Her father mumbled "But, It doest matter what people say, Its none of their business"

Me and Hinata gave each other another glance. We were both thirteen, And Now...We were going to marry each other.

"So...Me and Naruto-kun...Are really getting married....." Hinata said looking down at the floor

"Yes, It wont be so bad Hinata.." Her father assured her

"Oh I know" Hinata said while looking back up and smiling "Its going to be fun!"

I found myself blushing once Hinata had said that...Was she excited to marry me..? Did She like me..?

"Right......."Her father muttered "Anyways, Naruto you should go get your things from your apartment, So I can show you and Hinata your new home"

"Were moving in today?!" Hinata asked surprised

"Yes...You also should go up to your room and pack some of your precious things.."He reminded her

"Yes sir.." She mumbled while standing up, Going to leave the room, Then she turned and looked back to me.

"Goodbye Naruto-kun....See you later." She said while blushing then quickly turning and walked out of the room.

"Goodbye" I smiled

"Ahem.." Her father muttered

My smile faded as I looked back to Hinatas father.

"One more thing before you go Naruto..." He added

"Yes?" I wondered

"I can tell that my daughter cares for you, If you break her heart..I Promise that I will end your life.." He warned with a evil voice.

"O-Oh...Um, I see...Well...I Promise sir...I wont break her heart.." I said quietly, Fearing him.

"Good. Now hurry up and go get your things"He said

"Yes Sir.." I muttered while quickly standing up and rushing out of the room.

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