The end.

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HI! *Waves!*

A little confused?


Hinata and Naruto moved to Uepora, To keep their little Nilah safe from the hidden leaf villagers because she possessed the same demon Naruto possessed. So, Their living peacefully and happily in Uepora with their daughter Nilah, Uzumaki.

Kiba and Haruhi came a bit.... CLOSE. And got married! Kiba loves Haruhi's little boy, Kouro. As if he was his own. Their living happily together and visit Naruto, Hinata and Nilah as much as possible.

Hinabi received her letter, And hopes to see her sister, Hinata soon, But since Hinata has left the village, Not once has she returned.

Everyone else in the village noticed that Hinata and Naruto had vanished... The only ones who know the truth is Lady Tsunade, Haruhi, Kiba, And Hinabi.

Nilah lives everyday, With her mommy and daddy, Content as ever. She doesnt see her self different from other children, And she loves her parents with everything she is.

I hope you all enjoyed this story as much as I did! I hate for ut to come to a end. :( Oh well!




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