Finally...Your mine. <3 (NarutoxHinata love story)

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Cali <3 By Wishes Updated 4 years ago
What happens when Naruto see's Hinata naked? It is forbidden for a girl in the Hyuga family to be seen by someone that isnt her husband! So...What will happen!?
Says the guy who decided to give them privacy to do the naughty:p
since when do 13 year olds need...That kind of "privacy". ...HINATA'S DAD YOU PERV!
Crap that's scary if that was me I probably would have pissed myself
Thanxxxx for writing this story ..... This is amazing story .......
oh yeah!!!!
                                     that's. it!!'
                                    boom she hit the ultimate jackpot.....pleasure here she comes♡♡♥♡♥♡♡
he's 13 so i would say first season, I think he is 16 or 17 in ship