Chapter 2 ~ "Is he skipping?"

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Chapter 2: "Is he skipping?"

I walked down the school, aware of all the chatter around me, especially a bunch of loud mouths near the entrance.

"I heard Ryan was cheating on Jordan, like, the whole year they were dating!" I clench my teeth. Yeah, that was true, but it didn't make it hurt any less.

"What a douche!"

"Yeah, but look at Jordan. She doesn't look as bummed as she should be."

Why do guys gossip more than girls? Seriously, what was this? Who cared if we broke up? We were terrible together, anyway!

"Yeah, maybe she had a little extra someone on the side, too." My mouth gaped as I turned in that direction, but someone had already beat me.

Lucas Tarrone grabbed the culprit by his ears and knuckled his hair. "Ow!" Xavier cried out.

"Don't spread rumours, old lady!" he ordered, letting go of him. Xavier was frantically trying to save his spiky, gelled-up hair, but Luke had ruined it. I blinked, confused. What was Luke doing defending me?

"What? Why defend her?" Yeah, why Luke?

"Well, it's obvious she's not like that." When the guys and I stared at him like he'd grown an extra head, he frowned, trying to regain his dignity. "I mean, come on! She's such a prude...who'd want to be with her?" Of course. I shouldn't have expected any better.

"Well, I wouldn't mind," Will said darkly, eyes scanning the hallway.

At least three of them hit Will simultaneously. "What was that for?" he complained.

"She's untouchable," Luke said. I guess I was. I always helped out the people from the sports department, so it was like they felt they owed a debt to me, and were always hanging around me. It was uplifting, but annoying as hell.

"Yeah, especially to you, Tarrone," he teased.

"That's not it! She just doesn't appreciate my...exuberance towards her." Exuberance? Excuse me? Luke was annoying, there wasn't any other way to put it. I mean, I didn't hate the guy, he was just so bloody annoying. Our parents have been best friends since the beginning of time, and I was always hanging around his house, so I had to get used to his freakiness.

"Exuberance is a light way to put it," Joey said sarcastically.

"At least I touch her more than you!" he stuck out his tongue at all his football (soccer) buddies. I chuckled to myself, amused at his argument, still listening in as I walked past. 

"That sounded wrong," Will said.

He pouted and slouched against the wall. "Bottom line, quit with the trash talking." That was so nice of him, but goddammit Luke, I can handle myself.

"Does somebody have a little cruuuush?" Xander sang. Yeah, right. We're not compatible at all.

He snorted. "Yeah, right! We're not compatible at all." I scowled. Okay, that was admittedly weird, but still. We would be awful together.

"True...but still."

"'But still' what, Joey?"

"Nothing! Nothing. Chill out, due."

He shrugged it off and turned around, meeting my eyes. I jumped at the gigantic smile he put on when he spotted me. Oh God, no. Since I was single, he could hug me without looking like he was trying to "steal me."

He thought it was so fucking funny to get me all riled up. It wasn't my fault that I absolutely hated the spotlight and was uncomfortable touching people. Namely, Lucas.

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