Who am I?

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Yes the picture above is a pair of Doc Martens...I love them so much! BEST SHOES EVER!!!

Hello, I am @ClintonFrancisBarton ,  but you may call me Clint, Clinton, Hawkguy (lol), or I'll even except Lorna! :P I am a proud Wattpad user and I LOVE to write!

Now I quote Harold Finch from Person of Interest: "I'm a very private person." So don't expect anything too personal in this book...like relating to my identity etc. but I am happy to discuss my faith, anything relating to books/movies, and writing!

I love it when people comment and want to discuss something! (A good debate is always fun!)

My short bio:
I became a Christian quite a few years ago and have given my life to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have been involved in theatre for a whopping 7+ years! I have loved reading ever since I could read! And I joined Wattpad in 2015! I am a proud member of the National Sarcasm Society (I wish it existed!) I have a tendency to be blunt...

This book will contain amusing anecdotes, some pictures of my diy projects that I have done/ jewelry I have made and other stories and works that don't have a place in any other book!

Now, those of you who have a reading request for me (if any) one of my following chapters will deal with that! (;
Thank You soooo much for reading and I hope you have a blessed day!


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