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I was tagged by TamurilCarnesir to write 13 facts and answer some questions (:

1.) I have two tuxedo cats that I love very much (one is super fat and one is really skinny....)
2.) I've never been to comic-con *cries*
3.) I'm an introvert, but I LOVE to be on stage...it makes no sense
4.) I have a top locker, but I'm short...so its a constant struggle
5.) I might be a little obsessed with red velvet (cake/candy/Oreos/food)
6.) I LOVE VELVET (fabric)
7.) Any Day is the day for a scarf, beanie, doc martens, leggings, and a skater dress (unless it is 90 degrees out side, I wouldn't suggest it then)
8.) I have a pixie-cut
9.) I love to make jewelry/crafts that don't involve sewing
10.) I have 3 MARVEL Encyclopedias
11.) I have 128+ books in my room (I've been collecting since I was like 8)
12.) I have 6 pairs of boots (all are combat boots except for one) (My feet haven't grown...so I have those as a result of years of collecting)
13.) My favorite stores are: Hot Topic, Clothes Mentor (high quality thrift store), Walmart (lol), and various comic book stores.

1.) Favorite Show- aarrhhh so hard...either Sherlock or Agent Carter
2.) Least Favorite Pop Singer- Miley Cirus,  One Direction, 5Sos, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande.
3.) I would like to finish and publish a book (Why) because It would be a good source of revenue to pay for college and I love writing
4.) One Song that connects with you and why- Pretty much anything by Everfound and some by Skillet (depends on the song w/ Skillet...I'm not really at "A Circus For A Psycho") why...I enjoy the driving beats and amazing lyrics
5.)Eh...not like Disney Princesses, but I adore what they have done with MARVEL and I like Treasure Planet and Journey to Atlantis
6.) What do you want right now?- I want to be falling from 200ft up and surviving through exhilarating speeds on a rollercoaster
7.) What are you eating right now? -Air and Salvia?
8.) Favorite Drink?- Cold-Blueberry Green Tea Hot- English Breakfast Tea
9.)Have you seen the honest trailers? - No I don't think so
10.) Do you listen to music?- YESSSSS
11.) Do you celebrate Valentines?- Not really...
12.) if not why?- ....Well I mean I went to a party and I ate food...but its not really something for me to celebrate...
13.) eh...I'm gonna change this one to: Favorite fictional character that didn't die (yet)
Bucky and Sousa!


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