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I'm running out of creative title to call a chapter when it is about a tag...

I was tagged by Sworia to answer the questions in the tag I created

1- When did you begin writing?
I began writing about 3-4 years ago. It was an English project where we were supposed to write     around 8 poems. I happily complied and wrote my poem...(Falcon's Eyes). I wrote some little drabbles     and nonsense and then around July 2015 I joined Wattpad and actually began writing my books.
2- What is your motivation to write?
I love to tell a story. I've always loved literature and media so I wanted to add my own creations to the     mix. Plus, I believe it is great practice for English classes, Script-Writing (I hope to become a     screenplay writer someday if I'm not a lawyer or director...) , and I love it as a hobby.
3- What is your favorite thing you have written?
Probably my poem, "House of Four" or in more recent times, Ch. 2 "The Ghost is Haunted" of "Winter's     Crusade"
4- How do you cope with Writer's Block?
I normally take a break from the book that is giving me trouble and write something else. OR if its a     fanfic I watch/read whatever inspired me to write it.
5- What do you write with?
hmmm...I write with a lot of things... I use my Ipad, my Ipod, my many notebooks, my sketchbook, normal notebook paper, and a variety of writing utensils. MY FAVORITE IS A PURPLE PEN!
6- Do you write in a notebook?/What does the notebook look like?
Ok...I have three notebooks (:
1- It is leather bound and has a flap that snaps close to protect the pages. It says "WRITE" and it is             leather bound (fake leather though)
2- I have a spiral bound notebook...IT HAS THE WINTER SOLDIER ON IT...it is college rule and             amazing! Thank you v1vi3nne-but3r4
3- I have a small notebook that has birds on it Galasriniel_00 BIRDS (:
7- What is the best time of day/night to write?
Between 10pm-1am
8- Do you ever base your characters off of real people?
Lots of the time.Often it is unrecognizable, but I like to use character traits.
9- Who is an author you look up to?   
10- Have you read my poem "Mirrors", if so what do you think it means? (I am just curious to see how people perceive my poetry)
I would answer this...but I feel like giving an answer ruins poetry ): I like to leave poetry open ended unless it is a riddle
11- What is your favorite word?
12- What is the word you use too much when you write?
I always write in a POV so I use I too much...
13- Does the voice in your head have an accent? (sometimes when I write I hear my character's voices in my head AND when I write poetry I ALWAYS hear it in a Irish accent)
I kind of answered this one when I asked the question
14- Do you work better in chaos or calm?
15- Cursive or Print?
Print but my handwriting is like a mix of cursive, print, and calligraphy.


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