Listening to A Song

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Does anybody go through a streak where they literally listen to the same song for like 2 hours straight?

Seriously I listened to the same song for such a long time...I just kept hitting replay lol

Here's just a little snippet of the lyrics (: it's from that band I always talk about... Everfound

The heartache, can hits you
Right between the eyes
Don't let it get to you
You'll wind up paralyzed
Together there's nothin'
Nothin' here that we can't do

Believer...don't back down

There's a better day tomorrow
It's in the air tonight right
Woah oh oh, say are you with me now?
Give it all you've got,
The future's worth a fight right
Woah oh oh, say are you with me now?

It's such an amazing song (: I LOVE IT!!!!

*makes excited happy noises*

(Oh the picture at the top is Everfound by the way)


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