"Daughter Of Hydra"-REVIEW

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Title: "Daughter of Hydra"
Author: arymyth
Genre: Fanfiction/Action/Romance
Rating: I would give it PG-13 with the occasional R
My super short summary:
Obedience is one of Hydra's finest assassins. She prefers to separate her emotions from her duty. All of that changes when she meets Pietro Maximoff.
My first thoughts:
This is excellent. It is a very intriguing story. Interesting characters and a unique plot. Well done.

Why you should read it:
1- The characters: The characters are so unique and interesting! They are so distinct and brilliantly described. She develops them very well and they are non-chiche.
2- Pietro and Wanda "nuff said"
3- She ties it into the MCU flawlessly
4- Her writing style
5- The song lyrics at the beginning of every chapter
6- Her incorporation of foreign languages (there are so many)
7- The Winter Soldier's role in her story: he has a very unique and original role in her story that I have never seen before. It is fantastic and very enjoyable to read.

I am speechless...I can think of nothing you should change.... I saw little to no errors and nothing about your writing style distracted me from the plot...It is VERY WELL DONE

(As a whole I would highly recommend this story, but there are some components that I cannot promote and am not aligning myself with. I am not saying that I do not recommend this story (: I am simply saying I do not align myself with some of the views in it...)
The thing written above is something I am adding to all reviews past, present, and future so it is not exclusive to this one. (:

All in all, it is a fantastic read! Go Read "Daughter of Hydra" by arymyth !

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