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1. Eh Lets do Dream Vacation spot (: basically the same thing/same answer-
221 B Baker Street/Sherlock Holmes Museum

2. I think I want to live alone with 20 cats... Lol

3. Animal: Cats

4: Fav actors/actresses ooohhh this is hard

Guys-Sebastian Stan, Dane Dehaan, Benedict Cumberbatch, Richard Armitage, Aidan Turner, aaaaaannnnd Colin Morgan

Girls- Scarlett Johanson, Elizabeth Olsen, Hayley Atwell, Bryce Dallas Howard (in the Village), and Katie McGrath

5- I'm gonna change it to: if you could bring any fictional character into the world who would it be an why?
1-he's street savy he would adapt to our world quite well
2-he's hilarious
3-he's sarcastic (like me so we would get along well)
4-he can teach me archery
5-....it's Francis..."nuff said"

6-Favorite Authors
Errrrrr this one is sooooo hard *cracks knuckles*

7- I live in Erebor (: jk but seriously I can't say :|

8- dear me what is with you guys and these types of questions lol
So I'll change it too: Clothing Style?
-Doc Martens/Combat boots
-I always wear black, grey, maroon, purple, green, dark blue, or some variation of a darker color with some exceptions
-trench coats are life
-leather jackets are the best (red black and brown)
-skater skirts w/ opaque leggings <3

9-Favorite book series:
Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

10-If I met favorite celebrity how would I react?

I'd probably get an autograph and take a billion pictures...and interview them about acting/their experiences.... And invite them for tea... Plus I might try to share the gospel with them as well (:

11- do I like to dance?
Lol the question should be CAN I dance... I dance terribly (but somehow I do theatre....?) I like to dance...on stage with a bunch of choreographed people (:

12. If a Random Person showed up to my house and gave me flowers and said they loved me what would I do?
-1 I wouldn't have even opened the door lol so they wouldn't be talking to me unless they were yelling
-2 if they refused to leave I would call 911
-3 *hides in closet with frying pan*

The sarcasm was strong today!

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