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1-Favorite book that you have written?
Ooooh.....I'm really loving the collaboration between the_amazing_bookmark and I on our joint account HolmesSisters called "Two Sides of A Coin" I'm really enjoying it because I am getting to enjoy a unique style of writing I have never done before and I feel like my writing style has really matured from when I wrote "Legacy".

2- Do you prefer to write in first person or third person?
First person

3- Do you listen to music while you write? What kind?
Depends on my mood. Sometimes I listen to epic soundtracks aka anything by Henry Jackman or I listen to some mellow rock/pop by Everfound but mostly it is some hard rock/metal by Disciple or Skillet...those help inspire me to write the super intense scenes! (and I can't forget Ballroom Blitz....I listened to that like a billion times while writing "Legacy"

4- What do I write on?
Paper! I write most of my poems on paper and then type them up. But I use my ipad and my ipod for most of my wattpading.

5-When do you write usually?
Morning...Afternoon....AT NIGHT...whenever inspiration hits

6-What is a fanfic that you would read that doesn't exist? Why aren't you writing it?
I WANT MORE LORNA DANA AKA POLARIS FANFICS WHERE SHE IS THE LEAD! I am writing one, which is more of an origin story...kinda sorta....but as soon as I finish "Mistress of Magnetism" you can bet I will be giving my namesake a solo book of her own! (Its gonna be about Lorna & Wanda!!!!)

7- Black Widow or Hawkeye?
Kate never said which Hawkeye :P

8- Loki or Thor?
Loki....I dislike Thor

9- Legolas or Aragorn?

10- Halt or Will?

11- Have you read the newest Brotherband book?
Unfortunately no

12- Have you read the Narnia series?
Yeah...I don't fancy it...I went through a phase where that was what I read because I had been cast as Edmond, but I've never really loved it

13- Have you read the Inheritance Series?
I've honestly read so many books that I do not know ):

14- Favorite Dessert
my red velvet cake

15- Favorite Soup
I don't like soup

16- Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
Chocolate Trinity

17- If you could be any fantasy creature what would you be?
A DRAGON. Or some character from one of my books.

18-If you could have any power in the world what would it be?
Either the ability to control metal or telepathy...I basically want to be Polaris or Charles Xavier

19- If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
....Probably to visit my friends who live pretty far away OR London!

20-Random Picture from my camera roll

20-Random Picture from my camera roll

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