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This is the official summary...the earlier one I wrote was rubbish!

By day Alyson Redwing is your average ordinary teenage girl. But by night she lives another life as Antigone, Kevlar City's most popular hero. Each day she struggles with the challenges of "civilian life" as she spends her time at Redgemore Boarding School and the deadly threats that come from being the city's only hope.

Lorelai "Lori" Harlin has life good. Her best friend Alyson is her roommate, she is at the top of her class, and she just earned the lead role in the school's musical. Where good resides evil follows. Lori has a secret. Her alter-ego Ebony is Kevlar City's most feared and wanted villain. She has a plan to bring the city to its knees...if it weren't for that bumbling hero, Antigone.

Julian Mathers has a cushy life. With his father being the mayor of Kevlar City he is used to getting his way. When his father decides he has had enough, and sends Julian to a prestigious boarding school, Julian's world is shattered. While he still has his wealth and title to "shelter" him he struggles to find his place amongst the other teens. At least until he meets notorious prankster Eoin McKane.

Eoin McKane hates school. He hates the homework, the tests, the classes, and especially the odd looks he gets due to his metal arm. The one thing he does like is the endless opportunity for mischief that comes with living at a boarding school. Up until a masked hero invites him to become a sidekick his biggest battles were fighting off the boredom that plagued him every day.

Four different lives entwined together to form one story. Four different point of views combine to create a novel unlike one you have ever read before.

~Written by a comic book lover for fellow comic book lovers~

~This book will be CLEAN so no cursing or anything inappropriate, just some PG-13 violence~

~This book will NOT be a book that is like a "chick flick" so if you are a guy don't let the cover turn you away~

~I love comments and constructive criticism~

~@ClintonFrancisBarton aka Lorna

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