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Hey minna! This is my second Lucy revenge story. Well more like a forgive and forget story. But my first story that I published is just requested by ChristineJoyceTafeda and if you still do not know who that is . . She is a person who is really sweet and kind and you should go follow her! Now to not waster your time were gonna start with the story.
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It has been 3 months ever since I have made a new friend. Ever since I have been ignored by the guild members.

The guild has been clebrating non-stop for the past new months after Lissana's return from the so called ' dead '. Fortunately me and Lissana have been good friends and had developed a strong friendship between us.

I have felt the sense and feeling of betrayal. I have sense the feeling of sadness. I have sense the feeling of angerness. And mostly I have sense the feeling of regrets. And I was always weak. But I will never show it. For I am never scared.

I am lucy Heartfilia and this was what happened to me a long long time ago.
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So how was it? Pretty impressive doncha think? Just kiddin. This will be a very fast updated stories since I have developed a strong interest for this story. That is all I have to say.

Ja ne ~!

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