Chapter 22

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 Yesterday it was announed that the Yule Ball was going to take place on December 24, the the night of Christmas Eve, and the girls cound not be more...annoying. Everyone I knew was freaking out, and for some god forsaken reason, they all figured that I was the person to go to for dating advice. I mean seriously, me? The girl who has never even been kissed gives out the best advice-what is this world coming to?

"I want Leo to ask me, but I'm afraid that if I don't ask him, he will ask some slut! Like Lavander Brown-for goodness sakes-please don't tell me he is going to ask Lavander." Jenna growled and paced around the room, her long, blonde hair was thrown up into a messy bun and she was only in her grey spaghetti strap tank and her Abercrombie yoga pants. This was a sign of distress for Jenna since she always needs to look 'appealing'.

"Look, Jenna calm down." I sighed and sat Idian style on my four poster-bed. "There is an easy solution to your problems."

Jenna stopped pacing, a few blonde strands sticking to her face, and turned to me. "What? And if you say 'just go alone' I swear to Godric I will strangle you!"

"No, what I'm going to say is: you should just ask him yourself." I sighed and ran a hand through my dark hair, already bored of all this drama and it was only the second day of it. There was a whole month before the dance! "Just gather your nerve, go up to him and say 'Hey, so I was wondering if you would go to the Yule Ball with me?' If he says no, then you move on-there are better fish in the sea. If he says yes, then you have your date-easy as that."

Groaning, Jenna sat down next to me and moaned lazily. "Ugghh, nooo that's tooo hard!" Suddenly the door banged open and a furious Lana came marching into the room.

"I am so fucking pissed off!" She screamed, causing me to jump a little. Lana was not known to lose her temper so easily. "He was my only choice-I don't really know any other guys who wouldn't have dates-but low and be-fuckin-hold! She asks him one hour before I have the chance!"

Urgently, I through my hands over my ears and loudly hum a tune. "Lalalala! Drama cannot get to my braaain. I don't wanna heeeaaarr iittt." See what I mean? Drama, drama, drama.

Lana pulled my arms away from my head with a half smile, but she still looked super pissed off. "You have no idea."

Jenna patted the seat in between the two of us with a knowing frown. "Lay it on us. We are both sorting through drama right now anyway." Obliging, Lana threw herself into the spot next to us-face first with a groan. "Now, tell your doctors what the matter is." Jenna cooed.

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