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That feeling when you're too tired and you just don't feel like going to adult mode. Not now. Not later. Not ever.

"We meet again." I felt the warm surface I was resting on, move.

Stupid bed trying to laugh. Moving closer to it, I felt my blanket wrap itself around me.

We were in the year 3000, not much has changed except we have blankets who know when to keep us warm. It's pretty fine and McBusted was right.

"Five more minutes." I groaned before wrapping my arms around it.

Pillows were supposed to be soft. And this particular pillow isn't soft at all. Bringing my hand up to fluff it,it let out an 'oof'.

It wasn't the only one hurt. My hand felt like I just slapped flesh.



Slowly opening my eyes, I came face to face with someone's bare chest.

It was not the year 3000. It was Sunday.

I wasn't in my bed.

The blanket around me isn't a blanket.

Covering my mouth, because bad morning breathe exists, I pushed at his chest.

"I did it again, didn't I?"

He chuckled but didn't even budge when I tried wiggling free. Unlike me, he smelled like shampoo and toothpaste, the scent of apples slightly deterred by his deodorant. Nevertheless, it was still there.

"I went jogging, bonbon. Dropped by the garage on my way back, just to check things out." he moved the stray strands of her from my face and smiled. "You discarded all the pillows so I decided to be one for you." he then lowered my hand from my mouth, then lifting it, my skin being hit by the warm sunlight coming from the parted curtains of his room.

"It's almost gone. You're too eager to get my name off you." he frowned before I withdrew my arm, squeezing it in between us, just to create some space between our bodies.

I wasn't going to admit that I just wanted to wear my floral blouses again. Long-sleeved shirts were too hot and people gave me strange looks at work. Anti-perspirant deos just don't cut it.

I gasped when I felt his arms tighten around me. I looked up at him, hoping that the face I was making gave him enough clue that he had to stop.

"It's just a hug, bonbon. I thought women liked this? What's it called again? Cuddling?"

I rolled my eyes and pointed a finger at him, then moved it from side to side.
"No?" he raised an eyebrow. I nodded. "But why?" Widening my eyes, I poked his chest and mine,then showed him two fingers together, shaking my head.

"I know."

I lifted my head to look at him. He was staring at the ceiling, his hands massaging his temple, deep in thought. His other hand was still on my waist and it took me a lot of willpower not to squirm.

After what happened last night, we both went home with me having puffy eyes, and him ending up with a wet shirt. He refused to borrow one of Rose' huge shirts. They were, after all, for women, and no matter how big a woman's shirt is, it would fit wrong on a man like Damon.

He wasn't supposed to witness all that. And he surely didn't have to deal with another grown man trying to kiss him last night. Glen was so out of it, that he thought Damon was me.

That got Damon more pissed and he wrapped him like a burrito just to keep him still.

"Do me a favor, bonbon." He sighed before facing me, his hand creeping up to my back and started rubbing slow circles on my cotton shirt.

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