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Her, Saving Grace by mediogress
Her, Saving Graceby liz
She wasn't that drunk. So the six-foot something creature rummaging through her fridge half-naked, at eight in the morning was real. Now here's the tinsy winsy problem; ...
GraceLess by satirelover
GraceLessby satirelover
Grace was a 23 year old girl who after seeing her boyfriend cheat on her goes to hit the clubs with the purpose of getting drunk and having her first one night stand. Wh...
Young love by satirelover
Young loveby satirelover
Meet Emily and Alec. They feel in love when they were 17 but a misunderstanding tore them apart. Now 10 years later Emily is married has a son and comes back in Alec's l...
The Break Up Plan by lindavorjeinova
The Break Up Planby Linda Vorjeinova
Alaska Brown places a bet with her friends. It's all about dating the first guy who enters their all time favorite coffee shop, and make him fall for her in twenty days...
Tell me a Story by Eloise2424
Tell me a Storyby Eloise Brooklyn
"Tell me a story" is about moments that makes life worthy of living, heart worthy of loving, brain worthy of forgiving. "Tell me a story" is a col...
The Purse Snatcher by MissChanandlerBong-
The Purse Snatcherby MissChanandlerBong-
❝Are you serious, Hunter? When am I going back home? Let me go, you stupid asshole jerkfa-❞ I struggled against his body, my fist making its way to his jaw, making his h...
Behind Every Smile by StarGazer441
Behind Every Smileby Isabella Gatti
#315 Non-Fiction-9/27/17 "The loneliest people can be the kindest. The saddest people sometimes smile the brightest. The most damaged people are filled with wisdom...
Cursed Tomb by SaraRBA
Cursed Tombby Soul Fairy
Sara is an adventurous and funny girl, after her long waited graduation she goes with her parents and her sister on a holiday in her favorite country, Egypt. There they...
Mesmerised by InfiniteDestiny
Mesmerisedby ☽ Skylah ☾
They found out what love is but they have to realise love is tough, but if the love is real... It always comes through.
About NotJustFame by NotJustFame
About NotJustFameby #NotJustFame
This book is where you'll find everything out our campaign #NotJustFame
Paper Boat  by QuiteAQuiteGirl
Paper Boat by Manjishtha
"There's a storm outside." "But what about the one inside." A short story about a girl in the rain.
A Bud Among Flowers by NevermoreNeverHere
A Bud Among Flowersby MortalPeril
Amaryllis (named for her pride, her determination, her radiant-albeit unusual-beauty) Chrysanthemum (for respect and honor, but eventually-sorrow) was a girl who everybo...
In 13 days by Aanika_
In 13 daysby ●Aanika●
13 Days. The number of days left in Crystal's life. A very fun loving and optimistic 15years old girl,Crystal discovers that she has the final stage of brain tumor. Inst...