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"We're going to get through this." I whispered. I've only done this once and I ended up hurting myself.

"Just" push "one" push "more" push


She's groaning.


How the hell would I know? Her door's closed. I leaned in closer, half of my face pressed on her door. The bed was creaking. She made this strangled sound that made me take a step back, eyeing her door in surprise. What the hell was she doing?

I mean I know I'm hot but she could've called me to help her relieve the tension. By you know, uh-taking her to a spa or something. It's been awkward since she saw me in all my naked glory. And you know what's more annoying than a person who pretends they can't see you?

A person who you cook for but pretends they can't see you.

It's been Hi. Hello. Good morning. Goodbye. And it's beginning to piss me off.

I went back to my previous position. Judging from the way I can hear footsteps, she's continuing whatever it is that she's doing on the floor.

Wow. Catherine Wright. Who knew?

Then there came thumping sounds. I'm well educated when it comes to doing acrobatics since the women I've been with seem to have a knack for doing some gymnastics and all that sht but while jumping? What could she possibly do while jumping?

Maybe she's exercising.

Convincing myself that maybe she is, I turned to leave. I was just three steps away when I heard something somewhat large drop on the floor.

Without even thinking, I ran and kicked her door open. To hell with whatever it was that she's doing.

I looked around, alarmed that she wasn't anywhere to be found.

"Bonbon!" no answer.

That was when a hand came up from the other side of her bed. Her head slowly emerged, her glasses not placed quite right on her nose and her hair a mess.

"I-I'm fine. Nothing to see here. Just tripped 'is all. Close the door when you leave-ooor not. You better fix that. LATER! Yeah, fix it later. Not now though..." she spoke so quickly, she barely had time to breathe. But I'm not leaving her until I made sure that she's okay.

"Can you get up bonbon?" I started walking towards her but she quickly waved her hands, wanting me to stay where I was. She got on her knees and moved her hair away from her face.

''I'm fine Damon. Good. Great. Awesome. Wonderful. I'm running out of adjectives. Please leave." she rested her elbows on the bed and I don't know, it just felt like she's not telling me something.

"Can you get up? Are you hurt?" I continued making my way towards her and she hastily got up, pulling her shirt downwards.

"I'm fine. It's just- I can't." I smiled at her as my eyes moved lower.

"Let me help..."

She raised an eyebrow even though it was obvious that she felt uncomfortable with me seeing her in such a state.

"Can you...you only get to try once." I slowly went down on my knees and looked up at her, nodding.

She nodded and raised her shirt a bit.

"Why are you even wearing this?" she snorted when she heard me. "Fine. Take a deep breathe. Don't exhale until I tell you to." She did what I told her and quickly but forcefully buttoned up her jeans.

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