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It took us about a week to put her things in boxes. After working hours, Damon and I worked in mutual silence, both afraid on what would come out of our mouths.

Like aliens or something.

It was nice though. The lack of words made me realize how familiar we were with each other. Apparently, Ellie already had a lawyer manage her belongings before she went away with Benjie.

She gave me a couple of dresses and her cassette player, along with the cassettes she played every afternoon. She knew I liked those.

Damon got most of her kitchenware. He held one of the casseroles he wanted from her like it was a baby and I'm not sure wether to find it sweet or funny or extremely creepy for a grown man.

Mr. Fluffy made his way by the window, to Ellie's chair. We were also told that Damon and I have full custody of the little furball who's now dozing off in the corner.

He never really meows. I mean I get it. He's fancy. I tried getting him those laser lights the other day but he looked at it, then at me and walked to Damon.

The guy had the nerve to pick Fluffy fancy pants and made a show of letting me know on how close they were. All Mr. Fluffy did was let Damon pat his head but I made an effort on getting him a toy.

Mr. Fluffy refuses to leave the apartment though. I've read somewhere that animals get depressed too, and I'm not sure if that was anything a vet can cure.

"So we're taking these to a church and they'll handle it. Give'em to people in need." Damon's head appeared from under the kitchen counter. He was trying to reach a spatula that fell when we went to get his share. He just refuses to let even one item go. He already knew that Ellie was giving him all these. Can't blame him. He lives with someone who doesn't really cook on a regular basis, so it was a miracle if you found a cheese grater on the cabinets.

"Why don't we just give it to those shops that help on charity events or something. That would work-fck" He was trying to get up but ended up hitting his head. He slumped back on the floor, rubbing his head. The sound of distant thunder came from outside and he glared at the window.

"He gave you rules, didn't he?" I finished folding the curtain on her bedroom before attending to him. I crouched next to him, his hand still rubbing little circles on the back of his head. "Let me look." I held his head and ran my fingers through his hair, all the while looking at his face. It was on the lower part of his head that his face turned grim.

"I'm fine, bonbon. I'll put some ice on it later." He moved my hand away from his head and went back to getting the spatula.

"You know you're too big to be in there, right?" I tapped his shoulder and made him move out of the way,my other hand placed on the counter just in case he decides to whack his head on it again. He moved back carefully this time and scooted to his left so I could get his darned spatula. The counter's bottom part is where she puts all her casseroles and most of the utensils she uses. She found it more convenient than getting them on cabinets. The problem was that there was a gap at the end of it and that's where Damon's treasure was hiding.

"So, -" My hand was smaller than his so taking something from not so-huge spaces was easy for me. "how about we donate them to the church we went to before? I think they take in abused women there." I felt the coldness of the spatula and leaned in further inside as I retrieved it. Grinning, I held it out, "Sound good?"

"Yeah, sure. Whatever you say, bonbon."

I turned to see him still sitting on the floor, resting his back on the cabinets. His eyes fixated on a certain body part of mine.

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