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Her, Saving Grace by mediogress
Her, Saving Graceby liz
She wasn't that drunk. So the six-foot something creature rummaging through her fridge half-naked, at eight in the morning was real. Now here's the tinsy winsy problem; ...
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Heart of Stone (Part III) by Joflower
Heart of Stone (Part III)by Jo Lee Hunt
[COMPLETE] Heart of Stone - Part III - Souls Entwine Please read Part I and II found on my profile page first. Thank you. *Thanks to SeductionDestruction for the new co...
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Eve | Town of Dreaming by MidnightsDarling
Eve | Town of Dreamingby Samantha Strange
A Dark Contemporary Romance Thriller Prepare to enter a dangerous ride of secrets, lies, betrayal and danger. Where trusting those closest to you could be your ultimate...
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The Billionaire's confession #Wattys2017 (editing in process) by rosavet
The Billionaire's confession Swan rosavet
Here, I was standing in front of him, half NAKED! Wearing his shirt. I punched him. Without thinking twice and it was not even his fault (which I got to know later.) ...
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A Loan Of Five Rupees by Suganthii
A Loan Of Five Rupeesby Suganthi Lakshminarayanan
[Winner Of Tweet Your Story India] In the hustle bustle of the Twenty First century, where everyone forgets about their own self, two people experience their most beau...
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Unhappily Married ✓ by bamboozled-
Unhappily Married ✓by Nikki
Todd and Stella Beckwith have been living separately for over two months now and their marriage is on the verge of ending in divorce. Despite Stella and Todd's persisten...
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му яєωαя∂, нιѕ ρυиιѕнмєит [COMPLETED] by letmeeewrite
му яєωαя∂, нιѕ ρυиιѕнмєит [ letmeeewrite
Jane's life has become even more tragic after marrying the hottest and sexiest person of her town, because Adam is yet into the death of his previous wife, much of a ste...
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Marked ✔️ by BlAckRosE7777777
Marked ✔️by Ellie
After World War III and biological warfare destroy two-thirds of the world population, what was once known as North America has become the Council of Nations, a ruthless...
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Anchored✓ by curlingwands
Anchored✓by Pooj
❝ I'm not saying it's easy to get past all the pain. To live on without a scar from the battle. But instead of making those scars a reminder of something you failed at o...
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Not A Simple Engineer Boy! by Suganthii
Not A Simple Engineer Boy!by Suganthi Lakshminarayanan
❝It is not 'just' engineering. It is about creating something new, developing it from scratch and presenting to the world.❞ And this was what made her to turn back and l...
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Being A Fangirl by plays-with-squirrels
Being A Fangirlby Twinkle Toes
Fangirl (noun). A female, usually between the ages of 12 and 19, that is obsessed with a particular group, person, or fictional character, and in turn the actor who port...
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Ace of Hearts by addisonsydb
Ace of Heartsby Addison Bates
Ace Anderson spends most her time hanging out at the beach with her two best friends, Jim and Charlie. But when Ace decides maybe it's time to take her relationship with...
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The Bad Boy Is A Werewolf  by RamataMaguiraga
The Bad Boy Is A Werewolf by RamataMaguiraga
"There is this boy, at school, that everyone is afraid of. He is dark and mysterious and most of all attractive. He attends West high and is very intelligent. He wa...
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Last Beat Of My Heart✓ by curlingwands
Last Beat Of My Heart✓by Pooj
[previously titled To Ethan] ❝For now and all eternity❞ She made a promise. She means to keep it. Till the last beat of her heart. Copyright © 2015 Pooja Philip
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These Voices In My Head by NevermoreNeverHere
These Voices In My Headby MortalPeril
"A sane person to an insane society must appear insane." -Kurt Vonnegut "i can't find my way out" In which a girl with schizophrenia finds herself lo...
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A Taste of Sky by lindayassine-
A Taste of Skyby Linda Yassine
"He wasn't in love with her. He was in love with the idea of her. He was in love with the idea of Sky." All rights on this are reserved. I.e ©Copyright Linda Y...
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The Art of Knowing [Completed] by artskayyyy
The Art of Knowing [Completed]by Kay
[ORIGINAL IDEA] #1 in General Fiction 04 • 5 • 16 || COMPLETED || First impressions can be quite awkward, especially when you already know the person you're meeting...
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Conversations With My Heart | ✓ #wattys2018 by thecafemocha
Conversations With My Heart | ✓ Zenan
Each night when I lay down In my bed With my eyes open wide I think about life And the thoughts Which are bottled up Inside me Are slowly drowning me Finally, I had s...
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Saving Brysen | Unedited by crazybxtchasian
Saving Brysen | Uneditedby 爪卂尺ㄚ-匚卄卂几
❝She was a giddy nurse and I was a spoiled punk she was assigned to take care of.❞ ~ Amanda Foster is a newly hired nurse at the local hospital. She has always been dete...
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Dollhouse by renesmeewolfe
Dollhouseby K. Weikel
My family seems to be perfect from the outside looking in. We have the big house, the money for things, the million-dollar-smiles... but nothing is ever as it seems. ...
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