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Throwing a pebble over the fence, I bent down to pick another one. It was already past midnight and we just finished locking the nasties before Raph and Mikey came to pick 'em up.

It's been exactly four hours, thirty seven minutes and- raising my arm, I squinted my eyes to read the time on my watch - forty two seconds, since I asked Catherine to leave with my truck.

It made me feel a little better knowing that she's at home while nasties tried clawing my eyes out. The bastards and the guys at The Garage aren't exactly good friends so that was to be expected. They were large in numbers and Mitchelle kept apologizing for calling me. He was the most supportive one when it came with me wooing a woman.

I think it was a blessing in disguise. Like the big Guy just heard my prayer many nights ago on how I wanted help when it came to being too close to Catherine.

A little late and wasn't exactly helpful. I am thankful for the distraction, though. I don't want to think about it too much or I'll go crazy.

What was I even thinking? He was right. This was something I couldn't fix once I mess it up. Unless I drive my pathetic ass back to the apartment, knock her door down, and tell her exactly what I think about fate.

I was about to throw the pebble in my hand but paused. That scenario might scare her.

Nice and easy, like a fart ninja, Mitchelle said.

I raised my head when I heard a door creak open from one of the buildings across the fence.

I drove my way here with my other car, not really having a specific destination in mind. I guess going to this place whenever I feel troubled has been a habit of mine for so many years, my brain just knew where to go whenever I feel like I messed up.

A head appeared to be peeping through the small gap of the door. Once she saw who I was, she opened the door wider. Pulling her robe around her small frame, she made her way towards me. She stopped a couple of steps away from where I was, and because there was a fence in between us.

"It's you. I heard noises from one of the windows."

I gave her a small smile and saluted. "I'm sorry. I was just...driving around. Seeing where the road would take me."

She laughed, taking occasional glances from behind her to see if somebody else was awake.

"You weren't with Catherine. She was with a young man when she visited today. " Odd how it almost sounded like she was scolding me.

Wait. Catherine was here? With Robert?

So maybe this was my fault. Maybe I should have agreed when she asked me to pay the church a visit from time to time.

I'm no superhuman. Hard to admit that I may have issues when it comes to the family department. I'm not the kind of guy who would resort to withdrawal when things get too much, but that doesn't mean I stopped thinking about it.

I'm not exactly mad at my mother. I really am happy for her and what she is now, clearly seeing how she enjoyed taking care of other people. But if you're a kid that spent most of his nights on a huge sofa in a cold office, you'll miss the bedtime stories, or being tucked in. I wasn't fond of Parent's day at school either.

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