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"So aside from visiting during untimely hours,what else do you do?"
The sound of the knife's blade hitting the cutting board echoed as I made eye contact with the man sitting on the opposite side of the counter.

"Well," he cleared his throat as I started peeling half of the apple I got out of the fridge. "I own a couple of buildings just like this one."

I looked up and pointed at him with the knife,half of the apple still stuck to it. "How's that going?" I took out a smaller plate,placing it at the center of the counter and started slicing the fruit into cubes.

"It's doing fine. Great even. Everybody wants to move in the city while everybody else wants to get out." He fixed his tie before looking at the door.

Hey,don't blame me for making this uncomfortable. The guy had a cocky grin plastered on his face when I opened the door. It was almost eight when his suited ass got here with a bouquet of flowers in one hand.

'Course that smile didn't stay for too long when he was greeted by me eating spicy chicken wings instead of a woman in glasses and the nicest legs...

"So...what do you do?"

I squinted my eyes and stared at the clean shirt under his black jacket. "I fix cars. Customize for chosen clients."

His eyebrows shot up when he heard this.

Just because I'm wearing flip flops doesn't necessarily mean I'm a couch potato. This Robert guy looks like he woke up wearing a suit and never really took it off. I own a couple of suits myself but those are reserved for special meetings or formal gatherings that I was forced to attend like,as Benjie once put it,just how decent young businessmen do it.

What the hell does he take me for? A student on princess academy?

"Chosen clients? You don't take other clients when they want their cars customized?" his face was telling me that I just made myself look like some hotshot. Technically I am. I probably have more money then Robert here. The only difference is he's showing it.

I nodded and unconciously rubbed the stubble on my my chin. "It's not that we don't want to take in other orders. We have our hands full with just repairing cars and the boys work almost twenty four hours a day."

And we take in souls and nasties so car painting would be a problem with the nasties screaming in your head from the other room.

"Well I got myself a new Porsche Cayman outside. How can I be an important client?" He chuckled.

You have got to give the man credit for trying to lighten things up.

"You have to be at least fifty years old and experiencing some kind of midlife crisis."

He stopped laughing and waited for some confirmation that I was just kidding.

Of course I was. But the thought of this guy coming in the Garage annoyed the hell out of me. If he would've visited at a more decent day or hour,I would have reconsidered.

I've been coming home later than usual. Nasties kept appearing whenever I could even think of going home.

Catherine must have eaten a lot of deep fried stuff. Or maybe using the microwave more than usual.

She would come home with this content expression on her face. I asked her on how he's finding Robin and she'll tell me how Robin was into all the books she's into. And how they both support the same cause. Whatever that cause was.

Last week, she was gone for a whole day on a Sunday just to attend something with him.

You don't understand. She rarely goes out on a Sunday.

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