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"So..." I couldn't bring myself look at him.

Though I am fully aware that he's looking at me. It was unfair. How could he look like eye-candy while I get to look like a sour, old lemon? I don't know what they look like but lemons are all I could think of at the moment.

"Ghosts huh." I nibbled on the toast I had on my plate.

"Souls, bonbon." I met his gaze. He was wearing a knitted sweatshirt now, hiding the marks.

"Souls. Ghosts. What's the difference?"

Without warning, he took a bacon strip from my plate. "It's hard to explain, bonbon. I don't want to sound scholarly."

"Then explain it to me in a non-scholarly way." I moved my plate away from him just as he stretched his arm to steal himself another one. He started looking around and wordlessly got up.

"Where are you going? Look if it's about the bacon..." I looked up to see that I was talking to myself. The guy left because of bacon.

Well okay.

"The soul is the spiritual part of a person. Aside from your internal organs, it's one of the privileges you have if you're alive. It's what you have when you're alive. You call them ghosts when you start seeing them." He sat down and pulled my plate towards him.

He was wearing my glasses and he looked...well he looked, nice. Okay he looked like a hot professor. But with how he explained the concept of gho - souls, I don't think he'd be a good educator.

I scrunched my nose. "Souls are when they're alive and inside your body, and ghosts are dead souls I could see? Is that it?"

He nodded. And pushed my plate back to me. "Just...don't call them ghosts please."

"Why not? Does it offend them?" I'm having a conversation with a reaper. About ghosts. In my kitchen. On a Tuesday. I looked around the room wondering if there were any hidden cameras. You never know when somebody decides to ask a network to put you on a prank show without your consent. But who in their right mind would wait this long before shouting 'You've been pranked!'

"Wait. So if you're a reaper, and the guys at the garage are reapers, then that means...oh my glob. They're dead!" I stumbled as I got up from my chair and for the second time, I went for the knife set and got the right weapon this time.

If the guys are dead, then he must be, too!

What good is a knife if he's already dead? I mean I don't intend to kill him; that would be murder. And if he's already dead, then I would be committing double murder.

"I'm not dead, bonbon." He voiced out calmly. Now I'm thinking he's a mind reader, too. He better not come near me. My aiming skills are accurate. And by glob! I thought they had horns! And red! Right that's a devil.

Reapers wear black cloaks. If he told me this on day one and he had this get-up, I would've laughed. Damon telling me what he was, while looking like he came out of a female student's wet dream would've been funny, if not unbelievable.

"But the guys at the garage...all of them...so you must be, too." my hands were shaking, holding the knife up weakly and pointing it at him.

"Yes, they are dead. But I'm very much alive. Your friend Daisy-"

"Rose." I interrupted.

"Your friend Rose had seen me. Did she freak out?"

I lowered the knife slowly. Well she freaked out, but not because he told her he collects souls. "No..."

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