Playing Matchmaker

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Title: Playing Matchmaker
Author: summercalling

"One day your Prince will come. Mine just took a wrong turn, got lost and is too stubborn to ask for directions."

Nova Lockheart is sick of playing matchmaker between her friends. So, when her closest friends attempt to play a stupid game of cupid with her, and the arrow shot through Tyler Bradford's heart - the boy known for breaking them - Nova realised that her life was going to be changed forever.

A fake relationship, a tonne of sarcasm, a little bit of sexual tension, and what have you got?

Nova and Tyler, the two who can only describe their 'relationship' as a hate ship, two crazy best friends, a matchmaker brother, and the help of Nova's cat, Meownce.

My Opinion:

 i'm going through each review and editing them by making them more detailed because some were so rushed and utter shit, and no book desrves that. this one, for example, i had only written one line about, and that's just me being stupid and lazy.

this is a book which i honestly can't remember at all, im not gonna lie, but i obviously enjoyed it when i read it because that's the only reason i add books to my 'favourite' reading list. i really think this deserves a read, and i want to read it too to refresh my mind and reactivate my brain cells, since i'm obviouslt forgetting some of the really good books I've read.

check 'Playing Matchmaker' out and let me know how i can improve my review and  what i can add x

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