Covered In Ink

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Title: Covered In Ink
Author: nutella_ismyfriend

Hazel Harper isn't your average girl. Haunting events from her past have kept her inside her own little bubble, a wall that she has subconsciously built over the years. As new people emerge into Hazel's life, she realises how much she has been missing, she also realises that people aren't always who you think they are. Everyone knows that through the hardships there is always that little ray of sunshine and maybe Hazel's ray of sunshine will be the boy who is covered in ink.

My Opinion: So I finally have a completed book to recommend! My wattpad was messing up for a while which meant that the books in my library reshuffled, and that sent me into temporary hibernation because it shook me. Anyway, so I finished this book last night at 4 am (and I finished it in two days), and I loved it! the humour, the characters, the story, the character was all amazing. Sure, it's cliche because of the plot but puhleez, we all dream of these things happening to us so it's nice to read a 'cliche' book which is well written. Hope you like it!

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