The Logan Brothers

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Title: The Logan Brothers
Author: XxSwimmer_ChickxX

Becoming a player had never Imogen Hanson's intention. She was the quiet, slightly nerdy girl who preferred to read books than interact with actual human beings. But when two boys who she really cared about asked her out, she couldn't bring herself to say no to either one. Especially since those two boys were the Logan Brothers.

My Opinion:

This book is so different to other romance novels but it's still gonna get you right in the feels.

it has an amazing storyline and two amazing guys i'm drooling as i recall lmao but i really recommend it because t he story is so interesting, the characters are so amazing to connect with and it's a book that'll have you hooked.

it played with my emotions and it played with my ships-preference, but the ending was perfect for me and so satisfying,

so add this book to your library, read and leave me a comment

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