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Titile: Heartbreaker
Author: aggressively

Issac Lahar decides to take a virginity pledge one drunk night which is ironic since he's not a virgin. Turns out it's not as easy as he thought and all thanks to a certain girl.

My Opinion: 

this is the second book in the 'breaker' series as i call them because i'm not sure if faye actually gave the series a name, but it's really good! it hasn't been rewritten like Troublemaker (i reviewed Troublemaker a few chapters back) but it's already really well written and has a really nicee storyline. yes, it's romance and yes, it can be classed as cliche at some points, but it's very good so do check it out!

there are so many parts which give me goalsss im not even gonna deny it. i get some of my ultimate realtionship goals from this book, so you should defintitely read it if you're in need of a little love fuel. (ignore me if i'm being weird). 

definitely check it out, and hit me up with your ops. 

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