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Title: Lifeguard

Author: ginawriter

Hanna is perfectly content with spending another uneventful summer working as a lifeguard at her local beach, like she has for the past two summers.

Only a few days into the beach season, Jesse arrives, the seemingly apathetic fellow lifeguard who happens to sit next to her while on duty.  Neither of them expect to get along with each other, and neither of them expect to have anything in common. 

But they do.

One is a shared family past neither of them ever knew about. And two is the fact that not only do they save the lives of others, they both need saving themselves.

My Opinion: This is a really good book I finished reading today. It was one of those hooking books in which you actually get upset when you reach the end because you start loving the characters and the story in general.

It is really well written and though the story is a romance one, it is different to cliches and the characters are really great. i personally loved that it wasn't set in a high school and was different to typical wattpad stories (although i love those a lot) but was still a cute romance.

Please give it a try and let me know how you found it in the comments section.



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