Kisses and Other Necessities

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Title: Kisses and Other Necessities
Author: rainbowbrook


High school sweethearts Flora and Sean went through the most horrible kind of breakup - the kind where they were both still disastrously and irreversibly in love with each other.

My Opinion

i have no words. i honestly don't know how to express my love for this book at all, and definitely not how to do so without gushing, crying, and severe heart pain. this is the sequel to 'Kissing is the Easy Part' (scroll back a few chapters and it's one of the earlier recommendations) and i love love love it

i probably say for nearly every recommendation that i reread the book multiple times but this one is just on another level. i didn't wanna recommend it before even though i've been dying to since the very first chapter was published (im loyal and feel like i've watched Flora and Sean grow up, what can i say), but i wanted to wait till it was finished since that's more enjoyable to read for most people. for me, however, i found KITEP before it was finished, and so when it was finished, i was left emotionally distressed, had withdrawal symptoms aka tear ducts were constantly full and just could not let go of my two babies.

i probably sound like a proud mum, but these two (sean and flora) are so beautiful. like i said in my previous review, sean and flora's story is not about the build up to a relationship but about the problems couples have to face after the initial 'honeymoon period' and the loss of one's true self.

i can't promise you'll feel emotionally stable after reading, in fact, i promise that your bodily organs will be splattered all over the ground because of all the fast paced rollercoasters, but it'll be the best time ever because in the end you'll be rewarded with the best thing ever - hope that true love really does pervade all, and it's all at the end of a novel in which the couple struggled a lot. so there's hope for everyone! there's a lot of heart ache, heart break and miscommunication in this book, but you'll fall in love with every. single. character. from the incredibly funny best friends, to the sarcastic and cynical friend, to the funny and caring siblings and even the people you're supposed to hate (hint: like the boyfriend(s)/girlfriend(s) they're not actually supposed to have bc tht means the ship is sinking... OR IS IT).

in the end, you will actually be so so happy, and if you're anything like me, you'll be rereading for the millionth time (at this point you'll probably know the chapters off by heart already and know what happens next like it's your own life - i'm guilty, and could probably ace a test on these two books better than the maths exam i have in a week's time), over revision for ur GCSES like me.

future me will hate present me, but this book and these beautiful characters will make ever second you procrastinate worth it.

christine is truly a beautiful author who has a magnificent way with words, and i genuinely hope that i can be half as articulate as she in in the future

kitep and kaon both teach people the importance to stay true to yourself and to never self depreciate because you're perfect the way you are. well not perfect, but perfect is boring anyway ;). please read it, and hit me up if you come across any of my milliooonnn comments on the two stories. i probably commented way too much and pissed christine off, but the charms of flora and sean leave me helpless.

im kind of disappointed you're still here reading this, move over and submerge yourself in christine's way better writing!

enjoy enjoy enjoy!

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