Breaking the Bad Boy

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Title: Breaking the Bad Boy
Author: kaddydee
Ashley Martin has been through more grief than a person experiences in their entire life and carries baggage that no kid should ever entail. Tyler Miller's the school's scandalous bad boy who acts on impulse, blinded rage and will single-handedly destroy anybody who stands in his way.

Then all of a sudden, they're thrown together and despite their destructive past, they're forced to overcome their differences. It's time for Ashley to stop running away from his death glares, blank stares and that spine-chilling scowl that reminds her just how little he cares.

Driven by a whirlwind of secrets, a class assignment and midnight walks into the past, things should start working out. But then fate kicks in; hard-hitting and soul-crushing. It's a fight-or-flight situation, a reincarnation of her past, a chance for him to right the wrongs he did by her.

A second chance is like giving someone an extra bullet for their gun after they missed you the first time round. So here's Tyler's gun. Here's Ashley's heart. And here's to their second chance, however hopeless it may seem.

My Opinion:

I just realised, having just read the last chapter for the tenth time and going back to the beginning parts of the book because i can't help myself and need some sort of distraction from the emotional mess the bittersweet end has made me, that we actually see the main character grow up from a young girl to a senior to someone in college and it's truly beautiful. this is such a beautiful and addictive book, it'll make you feel all kinds of ways and you won't regret reading, so buckle up, grab a box of tissues and enjoy. it'll leave you an emotional wreck, you'll screenshot some witty and sassy comments and you'll also cry your eyes out, at some points even pretending to be in the book(hahh) and i promise you you'll be so grateful for finding this book because it's absolutely stunning. i truly don't have enough words to describe it. please, please read, it's so underrated and deserves all the reads and votes because it's exceptional beyond belief. you'll fall in love with characters like never before and i promise you, you'll want to reread it as soon as you finish.

the very first time i read it and finished it, i literally scrolled right back to the first chapter and read it again. and then at random points since then i've 'craved' to read a certain scene from the book (because i do that sometimes) and haven't been able to just stop at that chapter and have proceeded to read till the end again. this cycle has been repeated several times and i can proudly say 'Breaking the Bad Boy' is the book on wattpad i have reread the most amount of times. i've just finished it again, which caused me to improve my review of it here because it deserves it, and like the obsessive creep i am, ive started right from the beginning again! (it's 5:50 am as i write this and you just know how this goes - dreadful day tomorrow, but it's worth it for this book).

read read read and leave me a comment to share your experience of the book!

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