My Bad Girl Roomate

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Title: My Bad Girl Roommate (Book 2, Good Girl Series)
Author: yabookprincess

There was a broken girl, a bad girl and a boarding school.THE BROKEN GIRL, Astrid Bailey was trying to move on with her life by finishing the rest of the year at a New York Music Boarding School her aunt was the principal of.THE BAD GIRL, Lilith Arwen was scaring people away from her just for fun. She was excruciatingly honest, straight-forward and shameless. But after meeting her new roommate Astrid, the girls started to bond and Lilith decided to show Astrid how to not care.A BOARDING SCHOOL was where Astrid sought out peace and that's when she was finally able to cope by doing what she loved. Singing.Astrid tried to get back on her feet far away from her brother, his friends and her friends, but what about her boyfriend?Nothing stays hidden forever and Astrid's past was soon going to find its way back to her.THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK IN THE GOOD GIRL SERIES.

((edit: my opinion doesn't matter because apparently the first - and maybe even this one - book is no longer on wattpad... sorry! but be sure to check out some of the other reviews))

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