hey guys, sorry for the wait i just had no idea what to write, pleaseee don't hate me.



so remember my exotic boy toy Adam Milner who i had mentioned earlier well i usually see him everyday in the morning and i'm not gonna lie, we have been getting a little, closer to him since the kiss because i felt something with him too but lately he's been M.I.A. (missing in action) and finally after about a week he decides to show up. when he looked up and saw me he immediately looked down, but me being stubborn me was not just going to let him walk away from me. Thankfully, the halls were starting to clear a little so i pulls him into a nearby janitors closet.


" nic, i have to get to class, i'm gonna be late" he said with the calmest voice, but i knew there was more.

" i don't care, why have you been avoiding me i didn't do anything!" 

"please nic, your making this harder than it has to be" wtf, where is this even coming from. not too long ago he was all over me and WE were getting to know each other and i actually let my gaurd down a little for him.

"wow, so this is it. the first guy i actually let in doesn't show up to school for a week to avoid me and when he comes back, he tries to pretend i'm not even here. you know what? fine, i don't need you anyway."

i was basically on my way out the door when he grabbed my arm, pulled me back and closed the door.

" Nic, i do like you, i really do but i was told or better yet somewhat threatened to stay away from you.i don't want to break your heart or hurt your feelings, because i want to be here for you but he won't let me."

" what do you mean threatened and who is he?"

well i'm not supposed to tell you this but "he" is Mr. Love and i didn't come to school because he threatened me by beating me up one night and saying stay away from sonic or i will come back, beat you senseless, and fuck her brains out right in front of you."

as he said all this my mouth was stuck open in shock. why would he do that, i mean sure we kissed but we're hardly even going out.

" ya know what, he's an ass and i'm going to go settle this, and i'm sorry that he did that to you but please don't go away." with that i pulled him in and kissed him like it would be our last. when i pulled away and he was left in somewhat of a daze, before i headed out i said.

"at least not yet." i winked at him and was gone the next second.

i cannot believe cameron would do something like that, he's going to get his ass whooped today after school. 

when i went to algebra i ignored him and wouldn't even look at him. i did the same for gym because i knew HE would come to ME after school to ask what was wrong and i would reply with a fist.

when after school came and i had just gotten home, not even 2 minutes later, a ferocious pounding was at my door. when i went to open it, as soon as i unlocked it he busted through.


True to my word i replied with my fist and yelled" what do you mean what the hell, last time i checked YOUR the one who went to adam to beat him up and told him to stay away from me, who do you think you are!?"

i knew i had caught him off guard because he was dead silent. i then realized what i had to do. i had to end this little fling because people were starting to get hurt.