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The Story of Us by bmstones
The Story of Usby bmstones
Cliche. I know I know. Bad boy meets the nerd. But hey this story may just be not cliche enough yet still cliche to meet your likings. Meet Lennon. Obviously, the nerdy...
  • drama
  • goodgirl
  • badboys
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The Curse Of The Petrova Doppelgangers by DarkDusk
The Curse Of The Petrova Danie
"How many Petrova doppelgangers are there?" Damon Salvatore wondered as he came down the stairs, to see.....four girls, each with chocolate brown hair, honey-b...
  • bane
  • henrik
  • shadows
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Wolf...No. Werewolf...Asked Me To Be His Mate! (Completed, but not fully Edited) by hannahwolfrhodes
Wolf...No. Werewolf...Asked Me Hannah
At the time Zoey was just 13 when a guy started following her. She and her friends kept it under the rug away from the adults. As she grew up and started having things h...
  • danger
  • lilia
  • park
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Behind the Fake Smile *completed* by MouldyBanana
Behind the Fake Smile *completed*by Saarah
Joanne Alker, lives the life that every teenager lives. Mundane and routine in every way, she finds that the only thing that brings adventure to her life is the same thi...
  • friend
  • couple
  • confession
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Like It Or Not by PinkOrPurple98
Like It Or Notby PinkOrPurple98
Amber Dawson is an 18 year old naive, introverted girl who is always nice and down to earth. She doesn't have many friends as people always saw her as the weird and &quo...
  • depressed
  • stalker
  • teenfiction
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The Criminal Calls Me Cupcake (Watty Winner 2013) by Dream1234ever
The Criminal Calls Me Cupcake ( Dream
Watty Finalist: Mystery/Thriller, On the Rise I see him vividly in my head. Him. The guy who calls himself A for whatever reason. The guy dressed in a black cloak with a...
  • criminal
  • cloak
  • mystery
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STALK | TEXTING by uncookiepm1
@stalkyapcam : buğra amk o foto ne la @bugrakzy : ? @stalkyapcam : şu sondan 3. foton iguana bokuna benziyo aq @bugrakzy : sanane amk stolcusu @stalkyapcam : kes lan pez...
  • gençlik
  • mizah
  • bilinmeyen
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"A monster within" ( Shameron ) by daddyboymm
"A monster within" ( Shameron )by daddyboymm
Cameron Alexander Dallas is a typical popular kid in school. He is famous for his beautiful eyes. It depends wheter you see them as warm brown or cold beautiful blue. G...
  • black
  • moon
  • scary
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Max and Harvey Facts by NehirArpat
Max and Harvey Factsby Max and Harvey Fan
Facts about Max and Harvey. Facts that less people know🦄 #TeamMarvey hope you enjoy this book dont forget to check out my other book called "New-Old Life" lL...
  • maxandharvey
  • factbook
  • maxmills
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Sarpişkom |texting| by aysenkn
Sarpişkom |texting|by Tutulmuşbalıkgibi
Herkese merhaba. Kitap tekrar yayında. İsim değişikliğiyle beraber kurguda da biraz değişikliğe gidildi. Kitabı baştan okumanızı tavsiye ederim. Umarım eskisi gibi sever...
  • textig
  • numara
  • gizliaşk
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