When i pull up to the school, the only thing i can think of is what just happened. i mean, i know i shouldn't be thinking about him but who can when he just forced me to suck his ding-a-ling!?! (haha that's a funny word). Anyhoodles, if i may add, that thing was kolassel and i know black guys are known to be well hung but this white guy had one serious package. BACK TO THE MAIN TOPIC! i knew i had to see Adam and do a few things that involved the mouth area but there was no way i hell i'd tell him about Mr. creepy stalker eye raper.

i walked through the empty hallways as usual but the only out of ordinary thing was that i didn't see my Adam walking towards me like he normally does, so i thought the next place he'd be was the closet "A.K.A. our meeting spot" *wink wink*. when i got to the closet i heard a big bang and then a quiet hiss of,

" i told you to stay away from her, she's mine and this should be a lesson but believe me, if this happens again i will do much worse."

when those words of that familiar voice that i hated oh so much, i busted through the door to see Adam on the floor with two black eyes and four cuts on his chin, neck, and the other two on his cheek. As i looked up, i saw Mr.love looking down at Adam who was still on the floor.

"WHAT THE HELL!!!!", i screamed as i stomped over to Cameron and punched him in the face as hard as i could.

" why won't you just back off? Adam and i are together and you need to get over yourself because nothing you do can change that." i hissed.

" How can you say that when we're together?" he sincerely asked.

"Dude, what is up with your mental? since when were we ever together?" i chuckles humorlessly.

"ever since the first day i saw you." he smirked triumphantly.

" HA! i'll let you think that. come on Adam, let's go get you cleaned up."

i attempted to pick Adam up but he's a guy and wasn't so light on my little body. when i dropped him he screamed in agony while i said,


I have to admit. it hurt to see him hurt and battered because of me and now he was slowly drifting into a sleep that you only get when you just been beat senseless. out of nowhere Mr. love said,

"and just where do you think you're going?"

" that's actually none of your fucking business but i will tell you that i'm going to take care of my boyfriend." i retorted with pure venom in my voice as i stared dragging him out and mustered up enough strength to get him into my car. ( phew, he was heavy!) As i started the car, Cameron knocked on the car window and i rolled the window down, but not before glancing over to see Adam knocked out in his own little world.

"hmpph. well i hope you and him both know that he won't be around for long" he gave a mischievous grin and swiftly turned on his heels and walked away.


SORRY IT'S SO SHORT GUYS. I JUST WANTED TO PUT SOMETHING OUT THERE BECAUSE I WAS TAKING FOREVER! any skittles i'm still in the middle of writing another chapter so please bare with me and please tell me what you think of it <3

OH AND KEEP IN MIND THAT "Mr. Love" and "Cameron" are the same person and "Adam is another person which is sonic's boyfriend.

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