July 2K16

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Anneyonghaseyo ~

So I'm super excited for this! Bet you thought it was over huh?

Well it kind of was but there's still so much too tell! This book was/is one of my favorite books that I have written, someone asked me what I felt when I was writing the Lexi Marie Tipton chapter and to be honest it's kind of like being an actor haha. I had no clue about being a bossy, crude, bad, spoiled and rich snob so I did some research then decided to get into character. It may sound weird but I usually do that and when I wrote sad scenes I really have to think of the most darkest saddest times I've had in my life to make me super sad then after that I listen to sad music and tada~ Sad scenes that bring my readers to tears lol no worries though, I don't go into depression or anything. I promise I'm healthy! (^~^)

Anyway, I'm super excited for this and I hope you guys are too!

Suga is back baby! Sweg ✌

So my dearest M.V.Ps~
I hope you'll be anxiously awaiting this sequel.


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