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Today, I had to meet with some of Lucille's clients.

She basically just wanted to collect some data on what their needs and expectations were. Should be pretty easy, right?

My phone was ringing nonstop this morning but I just didn't have time to get it. I was on the move all morning, tonight I have a date with Mingyu, which frankly isn't an actual date but more of a get together.

I haven't even talked to Yoongi.

"Ms. Marie, slow down. You're going to over work yourself" Stella said.

"I know but I just really want to get this done and over with." I said.

"Ms. Tipton, allow me to be of service to you. By all means, allow me to take care of the clients" Barclay said.


"I insist." He smiled.

"Are you sure? I don't want to over work you and make you do these things when it's my responsibility" I said.

"Nonsense. We are here to help you Ms. Tipton, there is no need for you to feel so overwhelmed" he said as he took the stacks of portfolios.

"Stella, please get at least 3 more people to help Barclay. It's way too much work for just him" I said.

She nodded. "Right away my lady"

My phone began to ring again.

I sighed. "Hello?"

"Finally, Marie. I need to talk to you" Yoongi said.

"I'm pretty busy right now, but what is it?" I asked.

"About yesterday" he began.

"Oh..." I said.

"I didn't mean it like that, I was...in the wrong and I shouldn't had mentioned your dad. I'm sorry but if you want we can do something tonight, are you free?"

"Actually no, I'm not. I already have plans with a friend of mine" I said.


"No, my childhood friend. His name is Mingyu" I said.

"His? Your friend is a guy? Lexi, are you seriously that pissed at me?" He asked.

"No. But I have a right to catch up with my friends. There's nothing wrong with that"

"I don't even know him." He said.

"You will soon. Obviously I'm going to tell him about you, you are my boyfriend right?"

Even if things are kind of a downfall at the moment. I wouldn't betray Yoongi.

"Yeah but I don't know this guy. What if he tries to pull something?"

"Don't you trust my better judgment?" I asked.

"It's not that..."

"Mingyu isn't the type of guy to throw himself at me Yoongi. I promise I'll be fine, Barclay and Stella are going to be here along with the other servants, you act like I'm going to be all alone with him in my room"

"Can I at least go see you now?" He asked.

I looked at the time.

"I'm not meeting him until 7 so sure. Let's meet somewhere" I said.

"I'll pick you up." He insisted.

I giggled. "Okay sure"

"I'll be there in a few minutes" he said.

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