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The tragic day came...

I'm at my father's funeral now.

The open casket was a brutal blow for me.

Seeing him there, it almost looked like he was sleeping. As if I call out to him, he'd open his eyes and smile at me.

I felt Yoongi hold my hand.

I looked at him.

"Marie, come sit with me. This isn't good for you" he said.

"Just one more minute...I just..." I looked at father again.

I can't believe he's really gone.


I felt the tears coming again.

Yoongi hugged me.

He's really gone now...

He's not coming back...

I pulled away from Yoongi's embrace and felt like I was going to go crazy. I wanted him to come back to life, I wanted him to talk to me. I wanted him to open his eyes.

"Baby" Yoongi lifted my chin up. "Please..."

"I can't...I want him to come back to me. I want him to open his eyes!"

He had tears in his eyes. "Don't do this to yourself."

I felt tears stream down my face.

I have to keep it together...but how?

How am I supposed to do that?

He embraced me again.

I cried and cried.

I felt so much pain, the loss of my father...

The only person who never gave up on our family.

Aside from Barclay and Stella of course but even so he was the one who kept us all together.

"Marie honey...It's time" I heard Lucille say.

I pulled away from Yoongi and wiped my eyes.

"Okay..." I nodded.

I had prepared a speech.

I walked up to the stand and took a deep breath.

"As I stand here, I see friends and relatives that have come great distances to be here for my Dad. I am humbled and quite frankly impressed at how he must have touched your lives. I can only speak for myself, but when I think of how he touched my life, the first word that comes to mind is "admiration". I could stand here and list all the ways I admire him...but well, a lot of you have flights to catch." I said.

They gave a slight laughter.

"But I would like to share a few reasons why I admire my Dad. First and foremost was his love and commitment for me. He was committed to making me happy. If it was important to me, it became important to him. During his last days, his only concern was for my well being, and not his own impending mortality. I told him not worry about me too much, after all I have Stella, Barclay and my loving boyfriend, Yoongi" I slightly smiled.

"I also admire him because of the kind of father he was to me. Yes, he loved me...very much. But he also instilled in me a core value system that defined who he was. And that, was a man who kept promises. Honored commitment. He was a man of integrity. Whenever I stumbled, he could have accepted my bitching & moaning and advised me to take the easy way out and quit. But he'd have none of that. He fully expected me to see things through, all the way to the end without drama. "Do it. It just needs to be done." he'd always say to me. If you're here today, and I thank you for that, that means that he touched your life in some way or another. That means that you'd miss him in some way or another. He will be missed, Friends will miss his corny jokes and his company. Lastly, I'd like to thank Lucille for bringing him joy again. I know my father loved you very much Lucille and I can't thank you enough for being there for him, for supporting him in all his trying times. You were truly the perfect wife and the perfect mother I so longed to have." I smiled at her.

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